Devin the Dude Ready For “Detox” Guest Feature, “I’m Hoping I Get The Chance To Make The Cut”

Devin the Dude Ready For “Detox” Guest Feature, “I’m Hoping I Get The Chance To Make The Cut”

In anticipation of Dr. Dre‘s Detox dropping later this year, SOHH reached out to The Chronic 2001 collaborator Devin the Dude to find out if he will be featured on the long-awaited project.

Devin said he he hopes his contributions make it onto the album.

“I believe the Detox record is going to be very well worth waiting for,” Dev told SOHH. “With the upcoming line-up that I heard is gonna be on there, a lot of powerful producers and a lot of very talented artists are on there so it’s like fine wine. [laughs] It’s like fine wine, man. I’m hoping I get the chance to make the cut but if not, I’ll be promoting it just as much as if I was because I appreciate him reaching out to me and having me out there to just give it a shot and see what was going on and he’s very excited about it. And everybody pretty much saw that in his eyes and how he moves around and does his thing in the studio and get very creative and get things moving — so yeah, it’s gonna be real cool.” (SOHH)

Back in 2007, Dev said there were early talks of him being involved on Detox.

“Well actually man, I talked to one of the guys with him, working on the Detox album and [he] asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and to hit them with the details and I was like ‘Yeaaaa!,'” he revealed in an interview. (Dubcnn)

The rapper recently recalled working with Dre for 2001‘s “F*ck You” collaboration.

“When Rap-A-Lot told me that Dre wanted me to come out and work with him I didn’t believe it and thought it was a very unfunny joke,” Devin remembers. “But it wasn’t a joke. Dre called my house and it was the best phone conversation I ever had. He told me how he and Snoop used to listen to the Odd Squad‘s music on his first Chronic tour. I was speechless! I’m in debt to both Dre and Snoop for reaching out like they did. ‘F*ck You’ did a lot for me and my rap career. It inspired me to move forward with my career.” (Press Release)

Dre recently said his new single with Jay-Z, “Under Pressure,” will likely be released this month.

“Yes, hopefully we’ll be releasing [‘Under Pressure’] in the next two weeks or so,” Dre said in an interview referring to his Jay-Z collaboration. “And I’m definitely gonna be putting the album out this year. Finally, you know, and I think everybody is gonna be happy with it. That’s it right now. I’m just trying to finish thisrecord, finally get it done, get it out and start promoting it.” (CNBC)

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