Detroit Burglar Destroys Rick Ross’ Tour Bus, “Broke Into The Massive Vehicle, Plundered Thousands Of Dollars”

Detroit Burglar Destroys Rick Ross’ Tour Bus, “Broke Into The Massive Vehicle, Plundered Thousands Of Dollars”

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross‘ tour bus experienced a rough outing in Detroit over the weekend as reports claim the vehicle got broken into by a burglar.

Details of the weekend incident landed online Monday (July 23) evening.

Rick Ross’ tour bus was left in ruins Saturday … after a burglar (or burglars) broke into the massive vehicle, plundered thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and practically destroyed it in the process. Detroit law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Ross’ camp filed a police report early Saturday morning, claiming the bandits made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes, and other personal property. We’re told no one was inside the tour bus when it was burglarized. Ross and his entourage were staying at a nearby hotel at the time. So far, there are no suspects. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, Maybach Music Group affiliate DJ Khaled‘s tour bus exploded.

Miami’s DJ Khaled had to cancel a performance this weekend after the popular personality’s tour bus exploded en route to the show. Khaled was slated to take the stage at the 2012 Grad Bash this weekend in Orlando, Florida, but had to pull out due to the mishap. “I’m sry I couldn’t make it 2 grad bash it was out my control my tour bus caught on fire & blew up!” DJ Khaled tweeted. “The gd thing me & my team is ok!” (HipHipBlog)

In 2011, Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame‘s tour bus got riddled with bullets.

A rep for Waka’s camp says his entourage was attacked first, and responded by returning fire. Asked if Waka was an intended target, the rep said, “No not at all, he’s protected, he didn’t think it had anything to do with him whatsoever” “I think whoever you are, whether you’re a big tough rapper or Britney Spears and shots ring out, its going to frighten you to some degree.” According to WCNC, police are processing the car from the high speed chase in hopes of finding evidence that helps find the shooters. The suspects got away, leaving the car in close proximity to the residence where the only victim lives. (RumorFix)

Outside of tour bus news, Ricky Rozay recently discussed linking up with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre for their “3 Kings” anthem.

“I just collaborated with people I was a huge fan of such as Dr. Dre for the first time,” Ross said in an interview with radio host Bootleg Kev. “And Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on the same record by the name of ‘Three Kings.’ Just witnessing that being in the studio with both of them dudes, man, it was a h*ll of an experience. It was just something I could never really see happening. On a personal level, that was big for me. Of course the record I did by the name of ’16’ featuring Andre [3000]. It’s a classic. It’s a classic.” (“The Bootleg Kev Show”)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage below:

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