Details On Wiz Khalifa’s 20-Year-Old Uncle’s Murder Revealed

Details On Wiz Khalifa’s 20-Year-Old Uncle’s Murder Revealed

New information on the shocking passing of Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa‘s uncle, Imani Porter, have surfaced across the Internet.

According to reports, Porter suffered a fatal gunshot wound to his head Wednesday (January 8) night.

Police are looking for at least two suspects after a shooting in the parking lot of the Steak ‘n Shake at The Waterfront on Wednesday night. The gunfire erupted around 8 p.m. Allegheny County detectives say the suspect and victim were inside the same car. Authorities say 20-year-old Imani Porter was shot in head while sitting in a car in the parking lot. He was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital, where he later died. (CBS Local)

Porter’s father has also come forward to speak on the shocking murder.

“It’s very, very hard.” said Jibril Abdul-Hafith on the loss of his son. “I’ve been crying all night, been crying when I woke up. There’s a hole in my heart.” According to detectives, two African American men took off on foot and were then picked up down the road along Waterfront Drive by an older, white Pontiac Bonneville. Detectives say they found heroin in the car the victim was shot in, as well as in the parking lot. (CBS Local)

Khalifa broke the sad and unexpected news to his Twitter account this week.

“Rest in peace Imani. Your with Allah now,” Khalifa tweeted January 8.

“My uncle was younger and more level headed than all of us. I would have never seen this happening in a million years”

“God has a plan #RestWithGodImani” (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)

Last week, Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav also broke some sad news about losing a family member.

“Hey everybody I just lost my mother Anna Drayton thismorning newyears eve she passed away and I’m gonna miss her. She lived good a good life,” Flav tweeted December 31.

“Thank you to everyone that’s sending me blessings about my Momz ,,, I appreaceate you all of you so much from me and my family FLAVOR FLAV” (Flavor Flav’s Twitter)

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