Destiny Forgives Nas Over Huge “Daughters” Music Video Blunder

Destiny Forgives Nas Over Huge “Daughters” Music Video Blunder

Rap veteran Nas reportedly caught some heat from his 17 year-old daughter Destiny Jones recently after mistakenly putting her wrong birthday in the new “Daughters” music video.

While they laughed over the initial mistake, reports claim Destiny still loved the music video.

Nas should be happy his daughter has a good sense of humor — because we’re told she absolutely LOVED the music video for the song he made for her birthday … even though he got her birthdate wrong! The “Daughters” video begins with Destiny Jones’ name and birthday — September 14 — but that’s actually Nas’ DOB. The video’s been fixed to reflect Destiny’s birthday — June 15 … and Nas tweeted it was just a mix-up by the editor. Sources close to Destiny (who has a cameo at the end of the video) tell TMZ she and her pops had a laugh over the snafu and she is “head over heels in love with the video.” As long as Nas doesn’t REALLY forget her birthday, he should be fine. (TMZ)

Nasty Nas also hopped on Twitter last week to clear up the date confusion.

“Sorry about the Bday mix up at the start of Daughters video, editor got it wrong. Destiny’s Bday is June 15,” he tweeted May 27th. (Nas’ Twitter)

The new Life Is Good music video premiered in late May.

Opening with the sound of a baby crying and the name and date of birth of his daughter Destiny, the dad-rap track traces Destiny’s life from her third birthday to watching her dad’s videos to concerned parent Nas not wanting his daughter to sext on Twitter and instagram a box of condoms. While future generations may have to ask their own parents what instagram and Twitter is, “Daughters” shows another side to the versatile MC. More importantly, now that Jay-Z has the Blue Ivy tribute “Glory” and Nas has “Daughters,” I’m hoping this starts the most sentimental beef ever, with each rapper battling over who can write the most touching tribute to his kid. Your move, Jay. (FUSE TV)

Recently, the music video’s director Chris Robinson spoke on the record’s importance.

“Right off the bat, he really loved the idea of the P.O.V.,” the video’s director, Chris Robinson, told MTV News. “I think that this song for Nas is so personal, everything in the song is real, that he wanted to share this moment with his fans, with the world, and it was actually his suggestion,” Robinson revealed. “I was ready to cast someone, and he was real calm and said, ‘Hey, Dest is gonna be here, I think we need to keep it real.'” (MTV)

Check out “Daughters” below:

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