Despite Tough Loss, Lil Wayne Still Rallies For MLB Playoffs Team

Despite Tough Loss, Lil Wayne Still Rallies For MLB Playoffs Team

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne doesn’t want to see the Boston Red Sox go out without a fight in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and has publicly rallied behind the MLB team.

Following a tough Saturday (October 12) loss, Weezy F. Baby posted a photo of himself and Red Sox slugger David Ortiz onto his Twitter page.

“Red Sox pride! Let’s man up!,” Weezy tweeted October 13. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

A couple years ago, Wayne publicly admitted he is a Red Sox fan.

“Since this is the first show, I’ll let you know from this show on, you will be able to post questions to our Facebook page or to our site or whatever,” Weezy added. “You’ll be able to post questions up. I’ll get to those questions in some kind of way — I have my teams. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m a Green Bay Packers fan, I’m an LA Lakers fan, I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, I’m a Washington Capitals fan.” (“Weezy’s Sports Corner”)

In 2009, Wayne hinted at rap retirement and his desire to own a sports team.

“I always said I ain’t wanna do this no more after 35, I ain’t wanna do it no more,” Wayne revealed in an interview withradio personality Tim Westwood. “So any time before 30 and 35, I might give it up. [But now] I gotta work as hard as I can so I ain’t gotta look back. [When I retire, I’ll] do something else, I’m gonna retire from this and probably jump into some ownership of some sports team or you know, I’m very heavy into sports. Any sport. [I’d want ownership] of the team. It doesn’t matter, it could be basketball, it could be baseball, of course it wouldn’t be baseball, there’s too much money to own that, but it could be basketball or football, it wouldn’t matter. I could buy into a baseball team with someone.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Despite great play on both sides, the BoSox lost at home to the Detroit Tigers in Game 1.

Lose the no-hitter, win the game. That’s a trade Anibal Sanchez and the Detroit Tigers were happy to make to take the lead over the Boston Red Sox in the AL championship series. Sanchez and four relievers came within two outs of the first combined no-hitter in postseason history, striking out 17 to beat Boston 1-0 in the series opener on Saturday night. (Fox Sports)

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