Despite Endless Denials, Khloe Kardashian Busted W/ Game All Over Her

Despite Endless Denials, Khloe Kardashian Busted W/ Game All Over Her

West Coast rapper Game might want to seriously think about taking his friendship with reality television star Khloe Kardashian to the next level as reports claim she has been spotted donning his gear in public.

According to reports, paparazzi recently caught KK sporting personalized Game clothing.

The tall curvy beauty was captured by paparazzi donning personalized tour merchandise from the rapper’s latest tour. Khloe’s name was etched on a varsity jacket from the Compton-bred MC, complimenting the lyricist’s Blood Money Entertainment emblem. In the past, both parties have made it clear that their relationship is strictly platonic and that they are just best friends. (XXL Mag)

Last week, the California rap star simmered down steamy hook-up rumors via his Twitter.

“RT @WendyWilliams: Hot Question: Do you think @khloekardashian & @thegame are more than just friends? – y’all reaching #WeJustKool,” Game tweeted in response to romance rumors. (Game’s Twitter)

Following their recent nightclub party, footage of Khloe getting her twerk on Game hit the Internet.

The reality star, fresh off filing for divorce in December from Lamar Odom, posted a video yesterday of herself partying with rapper friend The Game. “I’m a mess! LOL at least I make myself laugh!” she wrote next to a video of her twerking at a club in Hollywood. The Game appreciates Kardashian’s moves and even rests his head on her assets at one point. Even though they look very close and chummy, a source close to Kardashian said they have been friends forever and are not dating. (ABC News)

Despite the perception and photos of them together on numerous accounts, Game recently said Khloe would always be a sister to him.

“Khloe is one of my best friends in life,” Game explained in an interview. “Me, Khloe and three other of my friends, who were all males, we all had a house that we all rented that was in Burbank when we all were, I guess struggling artists or trying to figure out where we go next. Or trying to figure out where we were going to end up in life. And Khloe was one of our roommates. We have a five-bedroom house and it was me, Khloe and like I said – two and three of my other friends. That’s where me and Khloe’s relationship comes from. It’s not physical, sexual, whatever. Khloe’s like a sister to me and will always be a good friend to me and that’s where it stops.” (Civil TV)

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