Despite Controversial “Yeezus” Tour Merch, Kanye West Laughs Straight To The Bank [Video]

Despite Controversial “Yeezus” Tour Merch, Kanye West Laughs Straight To The Bank [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has a lot to smile about these days with a new daughter, fiancée in Kim Kardashian and reportedly $83,000 in sales from his Yeezus tour’s opening night merchandise.

According to reports, Kanye has made plenty of stacks already after launching his Yeezus tour in Seattle.

Kanye West did another radio interview in the Bay Area ahead of his two Yeezus tour dates in the area. Speaking with St. John of 99.7[NOW!], Kanye spoke once more about his strong faith in Jesus, saying, “This is the Jesus generation. Every generation is the Jesus generation.” Kanye also spoke about possibly moving to San Francisco, a hotbed of technological companies, his fiance, Kim Kardashian, and where the name “Yeezus” came from. Kanye also talked about getting turned away from the GAP due to political issues. He said he wanted to have worked with them on the merchandise for his Yeezus tour, and said that he sold $83,000 worth of merchandise on his first tour stop in Seattle. (Complex)

Reports about Mr. West slapping price tags on merchandise which featured the Confederate flag bubbled online last weekend.

Kanye’s “Yeezus” tour kicked off in Seattle on Saturday night and already there’s a fuss brewing. Not because any rants Kanye held on stage (because we’ve become accustomed to those) but what was going elsewhere in the halls of the Key Arena. Looking at the official tour merch, Yeezy’s got a few items adorned with the Confederate flag and some include the phrase “I Ain’t Comin’ Down.” Sometimes, it feels like ‘Ye’s totally trolling for negative reactions. As if Confederate flags adorning clothing could be explained away as fashion we, the feeble-minded plebeians, just don’t understand. Or, as Word phrased it, “Kanye likes to stir hornet nests just so he can complain about the stings.” (Smoking Section)

The highly anticipated nationwide run officially kicked off last Saturday.

Kanye West kicked off his Yeezus world tour in Seattle on Saturday night, According to reports on Twitter and Kanye To The, he played a 27-song, two-hour set which encompassed material from his entire discography. Included were the live debuts of Yeezus tracks “Hold My Liquor, “I’m In It”, and “Guilt Trip”, in addition to “Street Lights” from 808s and Heartbreak. He closed his show with the dynamic one-two-three-four punch of “Jesus Walks” into “Flashing Lights” into “All of the Lights” into “Bound 2?. (Consequence of Sound)

Prior to Yeezy coming out and facing off with a Jesus lookalike, West Coast sensation Kendrick Lamar opened up the night.

The stage design included a giant mountain on which Kanye rapped from. An equally massive video screen above the mountain flashed elaborate visuals, including animations of the rapper. He was frequently joined by a group of backing dancers, and at one point, a Jesus Christ look-alike also took the stage alongside Yeezus. It’s worth noting that the show began two hours later, reportedly due to an equipment truck being stolen. Kendrick Lamar served as opener and performed a nine-song set. (Consequence of Sound)

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Check out a portion of Kanye West’s intervie:

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