Deion Sanders Names His Top 3 Fave Rappers, “I Love Lil Wayne & What He’s Doing”

Deion Sanders Names His Top 3 Fave Rappers, “I Love Lil Wayne & What He’s Doing”

In light of former NFL star Deion Sanders‘ recent charity youth football tournament, SOHH hit up the football great to find out what his Top 3 dream hip-hop artists would be to get involved in a fundraiser.

Placing a large emphasis on the West Coast, Sanders’ said Snoop Dogg is at the top of his list.

“First of all, I have to go with my man Snoop Dogg,” Deion told SOHH. “Snoop is performing for me at the Hall of Fame [August ceremony]. That’s going to be the first time something of this nature has been done. He’s going to turn the Hall of Fame into a wonderful extravaganza as well. Snoop has the same heart if not more that I have for kids. He’s a great guy, has a wonderful youth organization as well that he’s doing in California. So we’ve partnered with him on several key events and we’re going to partner with him at the Hall of Fame itself.” (SOHH)

Sanders then took it down South, naming Grammy-winning rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne.

“Secondly, I’ve spoken to T.I. about doing a couple things in the near future with the heart that he has to make a little change as well,” Sanders added. “And thirdly, I love Lil Wayne and what he represents to the young culture. My son is a fan and he’s got millions of fans all over. His influence is incredible and he’s channeling in the right direction to become incredible for some of these kids today.” (SOHH)

The NFL legend recently talked to SOHH about his second annual youth football tournament.

“So we have a tournament now in Atlanta an entire weekend. We play games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In doing this, I not only want to touch the youth but touch the adults as well. Since I am going into the Hall of Fame as an Atlanta Falcon, the Falcons have put their heads together and decided to do a wonderful fund raiser for my youth organization as well as reconnect with the persons in the city. We think it will make a wonderful extravaganza and night. It’s a “Black & Red” party for the colors of the Atlanta Falcons.” (SOHH Guest Star)

He also told SOHH what advice he would give to T.I. as he finishes out a jail sentence on a drug probation violation.

“I would definitely keep God first,” Sanders told SOHH when asked what advice he would give Tip. “Sometimes we have to redirect ourselves and just put God first. Every now and then, we can’t contain [earthly] desires and therefore we get lost. And then we have to be redirected by trial and tribulation. But you don’t want it to get to that point. Unfortunately, it does with so many of us. Not just with athletes and entertainers like T.I., but with everyday life as well. Something has to wake us up and alarm us that life is real and you’re here for a purpose. Not just to consume time.” (SOHH)

Check out a past Deion Sanders interview below:

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