“Deeper Than Rap: The Movie” Premieres, Drug Lifestyle Sensationalized [Video]

“Deeper Than Rap: The Movie” Premieres, Drug Lifestyle Sensationalized [Video]

Rick Ross‘ short film Deeper Than Rap has officially been released online highlighting the rise of a fictionalized drug dealer from a kid to kingpin.

Keeping the film under 10 minutes, Ross’ movie project features a limited number of cast members.

Executive produced by Rick Ross, Deeper Than Rap shows the young brother of a successful drug dealer witness the murder of his older sibling and associate while in his home. Filmed with a dark setting and with songs from Ross’ album playing in the background, the film jumps to a present-day image of the protagonist as he has followed in his brother’s footsteps within the drug game. Showing he has a business mentality amongst his associates and partners, the story’s main character faces off with the men responsible for slaying his family. (World Star Hip Hop)

For the project, Ross teamed with popular director Rik Cordero.

Maybach Music & Three/21 Films Present: Deeper Than Rap. One Way. One Way Out. The seemingly calculated murder of his older brother sends a young man on a path of crime and vengeance when he stumbles upon the killers years later. Executive Produced by Rick Ross, directed by Rik Cordero, written by Rik Cordero, Aaron F. Schnore and Mike Fox. (Three/21 Channel)

The rapper has displayed his interest in gangster films as seen in his recent album release party in New York City last month.

Attempting to give you guys the “exclusive” feel of attending a listening session, I’ve included the videos below for each of the nine songs Ross played for us. Keep in mind, the “Boss” made sure to give fans a Ludacris-like Theater of the Mind feel as each song was accompanied by an iconic gangster film ranging from “Cold Blooded’s” King of New York to Belly being shown throughout “Maybach Music Pt. 2.” (SOHH On The Scene)

Aside from films, Ross is currently engaged in a rap battle with 50 Cent.

“It’s only right I came to New York City to write my ‘Mafia Music’ remix verse…It’s funny I say ‘Mafia Music’ remix because today I get a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name, he told me, was Nelson Gomez. N*gga Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back. I told him make it a half a million and I’ll chill on Curly. But that don’t go for Yayo and the other guy…I’ma still see them. Y’all gotta pay separate. So if I do agree to fall back on the n*gga ’cause they give me the money, I ain’t giving the other n*ggas a pass. ‘Cause the monkey said don’t give n*ggas passes.” (Torch Is NY)

Check out Ross’ short film below:

Ross’ Deeper Than Rap album hits retail stores Tuesday, April 21 via Def Jam.

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