David Banner Talks Iraq War Reality, “There Have Been Multiple Thousands Of Suicides”

David Banner Talks Iraq War Reality, “There Have Been Multiple Thousands Of Suicides”

David Banner recently discussed the effects of the Iraq war, speaking on the number of soldier suicides.

The rapper-turned-actor said recently spending time overseas made him realize the seriousness of war.

“That experience changed my life,” Banner said in an interview. “There are troops who are experiencing situations we couldn’t imagine…Things are really hard over there and the Bush Administration really tried to hide the real number of suicides in the Iraq War. There have been multiple thousands of suicides. And I don’t personally agree with the war, but that has nothing to do with supporting the people who are putting their life on the line, or dying over there or fighting that war. They feel like people have forgotten about them.” (Hip Hop DX)

Banner was selected by the United States Organizations (USO) earlier this year to perform for troops in the Persian Gulf in 2009.

The performances are part of a week-long USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour, in which Banner will visit several military posts. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving back and expressing my thanks to those serving our nation,” Banner said in the release. “I am honored to travel with the USO and feel privileged to do what I do everyday. Regardless of your political affiliation or viewpoint on the war, our soldiers work hard and have paved the way to where we are today.” (The Clarion-Ledger)

Protesters recently gathered up in Washington, DC to call for an end of the Iraq War on the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq last Saturday (March 21).

Protesters demanded President Barack Obama immediately withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq, saying thousands of Iraqis have died and thousands of American troops have been wounded or killed. Protesters lined up about 100 cardboard coffins on the ground draped with flags, including the American flag, representing countries where the U.S. has taken military action. (Associated Press)

The “Get Like Me” hitmaker is known for participating in various charity-based events in his community.

Banner returned to Mississippi delivering holiday presents to families in need throughout his community last December. He has begun his annual charity program Heal the Hood traveling throughout his native hometown Jackson visiting locals with bags of gifts. Partnering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Banner hopes to reach even more families this holiday season. (SOHH)

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