David Banner Says Rap Is Crumbling, “Don’t Blame It On No Regions Or Anybody”

David Banner Says Rap Is Crumbling, “Don’t Blame It On No Regions Or Anybody”

Southern rapper David Banner recently spoke on the ailing rap industry and why all regions should be held responsible for its current condition.

Banner also explained why he thinks hip-hop has suffered.

“People don’t even mix and master records anymore,” Banner said in a blog post. “They don’t care about the quality of music anymore and it’s turning it into sh*t and it’s our fault. All these blog sites and magazines are doing the same thing with the bullsh*t politics. The media ain’t sh*t, they only care about screwing each other. It ain’t about how good you can rap anymore. Dope beats? What happened to that? Now it’s all about what features a rapper is going to have or who he’s having sex with. But we allowed it to happen and it’s our fault. Don’t blame it on no regions or anybody. Blame it on yourself for not liking better music, the magazines and blogs need to put out better information.” (VIBE)

Chicago rapper Rhymefest also recently said the rap game had drastically changed.

“One thing I didn’t realize is that Hip-Hop doesn’t exist anymore,” he declared in an interview. “C’mon, think about the 4 elements: graffiti, breaking, deejaying, and emceeing. Emcees don’t exist. That’s somebody who gets on the stage, doesn’t have to rap, but can hype up the crowd while the DJ is playing. He has all the chants, all that sh*t. Everybody now is “listen to me, listen to my raps.” No one can hype up a crowd no more like that. Emcees are dead…So Hip-Hop as we knew is like jazz at this point. I can’t really get mad. It exists on a scale so small you might as well call it dead. But even from Disco we got techno, Bass music. From Hip-Hop we got Soulja Boy, Drake; the hybrid singing rap. We got to call it something else because it ain’t Hip-Hop. It’s not bad; it’s evolved into something else.” (All Hip Hop)

Rap veteran Nas, who previously declared rap’s death, recently said new artists were helping evolve hip-hop.

“It died several times, but I do believe in the heartbeat of it right now,” Nas said in an interview. “There are a lot of new artists, and artists that have been around, who are kicking a** right now. I just wanted to give a boost to people and to myself, to push people to go harder. It’s a different world now.” (Wall Street Journal)

Aside from rap, Banner talked with SOHH earlier this month about his new NBA Play-Offs Gatorade commercial.

“It’s not an alternate sound,” Banner told SOHH about his soul-inspired commercial score. “I’ve always used live guitars, I’ve always used soul music. And that’s what I want people to know about our generation, period. Even though we’re gonna be talking about evolution, I want to talk about our generation still having soul, that there’s people still influenced by our mothers and our fathers — the truth is, Gatorade is evolving as a product and that’s something that is very important and was important to them…They wanted to make a statement and this does.” (SOHH)

Check out David Banner’s Gatorade commerical below:

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