David Banner On T.I.’s 11-Month Sentence, “My Biggest Concern Is Not Really About Tip”

David Banner On T.I.’s 11-Month Sentence, “My Biggest Concern Is Not Really About Tip”

Southern rapper David Banner has shared his input on T.I. being sentenced to 11 months for a probation violation and why the concern should be placed more on the King’s kids rather than himself.

From Banner’s perspective, people are focusing too much attention on T.I. and not his offspring.

“My biggest concern is not really so much about Tip. It’s about what his kids are going through. The one thing I know about Tip is that he is strong. When I first met him he was the shortest dude in the room [laughs]. But he was the toughest dude. He has always been grown. I just want his kids to be alright because no one ever talks about that aspect. That’s where my heart is.” (VIBE)

New York rapper Tony Yayo recently analyzed T.I.’s legal woes.

“Man, that’s f*cked up,” Yayo said about T.I.’s 11-month sentence in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Let me tell you something about fed probation. Fed probation, it’s kinda easy but it’s kinda bad. When I was on fed probation, I had six dirty urines and they gave me the drug program. They gave me the drug program. So they kinda lenient in certain ways, but in other ways, they’re not. I think really because he got arrested, it’s making the violation f*cked up. It’s making it an official violation. See, I was smoking weed — I never got arrested getting it and my P.O. was just like, ‘Yo, if you get more and more, if your levels don’t go down, we’re gonna violate you.’ Him, he got arrested in the Maybach. It’s just the police contact, it’s a f*cked up situation.” (Shade 45)

While T.I. is slated to begin his sentence by November 1st, supporters have pleaded with an Atlanta judge to allow him to skip jail.

A mysterious and geography-challenged admirer of Atlanta rapperT.I. has asked the court to place him in rehab instead of sending him back to federal prison, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ. The document is signed “Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia.” T.I., aka Clifford J. Harris Jr., does not know who filed the motion, according to TMZ. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The rapper will reportedly have to serve out his sentence in the state of Arkansas.

T.I. will be returning to the exact same federal Arkansas jail next week that he cohabitated as part of his sentence for his 2008 gun conviction. According to the Associated Press, the King of the South will be entering Forrest City’s low-security premises on November 1, where he will begin an 11-month sentence for violating his federal probation. (XXL Mag)

Check out a recent T.I. interview down below:

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