Danny Brown Fixes Up The Teeth Rumors: “Y’All Resharded”

Danny Brown Fixes Up The Teeth Rumors: “Y’All Resharded”

Midwest rapper Danny Brown has stepped forward to speak out on reports and speculation which suggest he had his now-iconic missing front teeth replaced courtesy of fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Danny jumped onto his Twitter page Monday (October 21) to put an immediate end to the gossip.

“I ain’t got my damn teeth fixed … Y’all resharded,” Danny tweeted October 21. (Danny Brown’s Twitter)

Buzz behind the alleged tooth repair has bubbled online over the past few days.

When Danny Brown lost his front teeth by hitting his head on a car that was pulling out of KFC’s parking lot years ago, he probably never imagined that the same restaurant would fund his replacements. Reports are swirling that KFC has paid for Danny’s brand new chompers, as seen in the picture above Danny took to Twitter. (VIBE)

The Detroit rhyme spitter previously spoke out on how he lost his front teeth.

“I was a little kid. I was riding my homeboy’s bike, back when I was staying off Gratiot. And this IROC-Z pulled out of a KFC parking lot and I didn’t see it. I got hit by the car head-on. That’s how I lost my teeth the first time. But I got ‘em fixed! Parents paid for it and everything, I was good. Dawg, like a month later, I’m playing in the house, I fell and chipped a tooth on the table leg. I’m like, ‘D*mn!’ Didn’t get it fixed, then was playing basketball a couple of years later, and a n*gga came down with an elbow and chipped the other tooth. So I had two, big a** chipped teeth. The sh*t started deteriorating, and one day I was eating a big piece of chicken, and the sh*ts just came out” (Detroit Metro Times)

A couple years ago, Def Jam rap star Fabolous revealed his intent on having his chipped tooth fixed.

“I’m going to get all of my teeth fixed soon,” Fab told radio host Angie Martinez. “[Even my chipped tooth?] Yup. I am. I’m getting too old to have a chipped tooth in my mouth. [When?] I don’t know, I’m just going to shock the world with it. [Ustream?] The whole job? The whole thing? [laughs] This Internet world. They just want everything now. [Maybe a] reality show, ‘Fab Gets His Tooth Fixed.’ [laughs]” (Hot 97)

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