Danity Kane’s Shannon “Shocked” By Group Split, “For All We Knew It Was Just For TV”


Tuesday night on the season finale of “Making The Band 4,” the reality of Danity Kane‘s break-up was revealed.  SOHH sat down with Shannon Bex, one fifth of the fractured pop group, to get her feelings on the split.

In the final scenes of this season of the show Diddy called a meeting with the members of the group to discuss the obvious tension.  In the end, he dismissed Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods decided to leave as well.

According to Shannon, the remaining members of DK didn’t know what to make of the dramatic last encounter, which was filmed about three weeks ago. 

“Right now I think we we’re just as shocked as everyone else,” Shannon told SOHH. “We didn’t even actually know if maybe they would decide not to air that and they would take a different ending.   For all we knew it was just for TV.”

“We’re just as clueless and flabbergasted as everybody else,” she added. “I know that’s really hard to believe because we have Diddy’s number in our phones, but it’s truly a very shocking situation.”

Some of friction within the group was a result of Aubrey’s recent stint in Hairspray on Broadway and Dawn‘s rumored solo album but according to Shannon individual projects were never shied away from.

“Something we’ve always talked about and we’ve always been real with everybody is we all have desires and ventures and excitement elsewhere too, but that’s always been a plan of Danity Kane,” she explained. “We’re powerful five women together and we want to be the Rat Pack of the industry and take over every avenue.”

But for now, DK is fractured.  It’s not clear whether or not the girls will ever be able to put their differences aside and regroup or if Shannon, Dawn and Aundrea will continue as a trio.

Shannon isn’t sure what the future will hold but she does have a few wishes for DK.  

“All I hope and pray for this whole thing is we still remain the sisters we are,” she said.  “And that the Danity Kane brand stays strong.  Whether that means a hiatus for a moment so that we can heal from this and then come back together, I don’t know.”

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