Dame Dash Reacts To Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Album [Video]

Dame Dash Reacts To Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Album [Video]

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon “Dame” Dash may no longer do business with rap mogul Jay-Z but he is letting the world know his thoughts on Jigga’s new Magna Carta Holy Grail solo album.

Dash posted a photo to his Instagram account and revealed his overall appreciation for Jay’s newest LP.

“In the barber shop listening to jays new album….I can’t front… I still like hearing him pop shit cause I know he’s telling the truth…proud to be be a part of that..#bittersweet,” Dash wrote on Instagram July 5. (Dame Dash’s Instagram)

Despite not having the same relationship as they had years ago, Dame recently said he still respects Young Hov.

“I don’t remember,” Dame said when asked about the last time he spoke to Jay. “[It’s crazy,] it is. It’s corny. I always felt that way. You know. He was [my son’s godfather]. [My son’s] not thinking about that sh*t, he’s got a father. [laughs] He’s not thinking about it at all. He sent me some tickets the other day, I needed some. I don’t think it’s an issue with him. I just think we took different paths. Period. I’m proud of everything he’s done. I’m proud of everything I’ve done since then and I feel like I’ve done a lot and I feel like whatever his dreams are, he’s made his dreams come true. But my dreams aren’t the same as his. … I’m not really trying to be in hip-hop at 42 and 43 and looking like the old man in the club. I never wanted to do that. I always wanted to do fashion, I always wanted to make movies. I enjoy business.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Last fall, Dash discussed the success Jigga has enjoyed over the past few years.

“[Did I make any mistakes?] Not at all, look at Jay-Z, look at everything, look at Kanye, every success they’ve had I’m proud of. Every time I see them on television, I know what I did. You know in life, there’s tragedies, everyone has them, so even through the tragedies, I was able to deal with my tragedies in a way that other people usually can’t. You understand what I’m saying? I’m doing what I want right now. I still feel crispy. Somebody told you [me and Jay are still cool?] I’m going to leave that one a mystery. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He’s doing well. I think he’s doing good, what he wants to be, he is and that’s what counts.” (Global Grind)

Dash also explained the difference between their business and personal relationship.

“All we did is made a company together and sold the company and went and did other businesses. Why can’t two black people do that? Like, that happens all the time. Like, it was a business arrangement obviously. And we do two different kinds of businesses, right? The business we did, we made a lot of money. All good. You know what I’m saying? Maybe what you might want to ask is about the friendship, what happened with that, but that’s more personal. [Do I want to talk about that?] Not at all, I need [television personality] Dr. Phil for that one. [laughs] The interest in it is what tells me there could have been things I could have done different so it wouldn’t be like that. … There’s a lot of perceptions and prejudices, like hip-hop bullsh*t with it and I wish it wasn’t like that. The bottom line is we created one of the biggest movements independently of all time and that’s positive.” (Global Grind)

Check out Dame Dash checking Jay-Z’s new LP:

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