Da Band’s Chopper City On Diddy’s Dirty Money, “Being In A Group W/ 2 Girls, All That Sh*t’s Weird”

Da Band’s Chopper City On Diddy’s Dirty Money, “Being In A Group W/ 2 Girls, All That Sh*t’s Weird”

Former Da Band member Chopper City has shared his opinion of Diddy‘s Dirty Money group.

Chopper also gave his opinion of Diddy’s music-making talent.

“I’m not a fan,” he said in an interview. “I would never do something like that. But I’d do a song with Diddy…I respect [Diddy’s] hustler savvy. Music-wise, you and I know that 90 percent of Diddy’s music is wack. The only reason people respect Diddy is because of his hustle. So no matter what he put out you’re just like ‘Look at this old hustling motherf*cker.’ You don’t even think about the music. Being in a group with two girls… all that sh*t’s weird. I don’t like it. What’s that one song called [groans ‘Angels’]? That song made my ears explode. I swear to God. I’m no more good when I hear that song. Who the f*ck gave him this money?” (VIBE)

Diddy’s Dirty Money crew were featured on this week’s televised airing of “American Idol.”

As a sort of inverse to Usher‘s performance earlier in the show, Diddy arrived on a staircase dressed in all white, at first bathed in a heavenly light from above while live violins and timpani kicked off the rocking new single from the upcoming album Last Train to Paris. Diddy was then met on a smoky stage by his Dirty Money mates Dawn Richard and Kalenna, who impressively kept up with their energetic frontman. Halfway through the song, the light show was introduced with an address to those watching at home. (MTV)

Chopper reportedly signed a Cash Money Records contract around 2007.

“It’s just one of those situations where, you know, I wasn’t new to [Cash Money/Universal]. I have seen them, grown up around them. I knew who was who,” said Chopper. “And you know, I wasn’t comfortable with P. Diddy even though the album went platinum, ’cause I just couldn’t be myself. Then I talked to Baby- he said come over to Cash Money. Thing didn’t work out as first–you know how things are. But now I know it was destiny.” (Def Sounds)

He also detailed his issues being under Diddy’s wing.

The “Making the Band 2″ alum explained he was upset by what he perceived as Diddy’s lack of support for him when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Chopper said he felt he deserved more based on what he had done for the label up to that point, including paying for his videos out-of-pocket and waiting patiently for his turn in the spotlight as a solo artist. (VH1)

Check out a past Chopper City interview below:

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