D12’s Kuniva Warns Nicki Minaj: “She Better Heighten Up Her Security If She Ever Comes To Detroit”

D12’s Kuniva Warns Nicki Minaj: “She Better Heighten Up Her Security If She Ever Comes To Detroit”

With D12 member Bizarre’s publicized Nicki Minaj obsession fully known these days, SOHH recently hit up his Dirty Dozen brother Kuniva for his own take.

While Kuniva acknowledged Biz’s love for Nicki, he admitted there is no telling what inspired the Detroit rapper to go stir-crazy over the Young Money star.

“Man, I’m going off of what you guys are seeing, [laughs],” Kuniva told SOHH when asked if Bizarre’s Nicki Minaj obsession is legit. “He got the tattoo, he got the songs, he does those crazy a** tweets to her, so, my guess is as good as yours. That’s why his name is f*cking Bizarre. That’s what he’s doing. I don’t understand it but I guess it’s not for a normal person to understand. He’s a crazy person. I’m not going to pick his f*cking brain but all I know is she better heighten up her security if she ever comes to Detroit. [laughs]” (SOHH)

Last year, Biz shocked the hip-hop world by inking Nicki onto his arm.

“I know y’all people heard me and Nicki Minaj, my wife, you heard the song named ‘Nicki,'” Bizarre said in a video. “But I want to show Nicki how much I really, really love her. Love her. … So check this out Nicki. I did this for you and only you. So here goes the world exclusive. This is how much I love you and I will eat your p*ssy for life. F*ck. … Right now I’m with my man Brooklyn Payne. He does all of my tattoos. He did my portraits. Right now, I’m going to show you my new addition. My new tattoo. Check it out. F*ck yeah! Nicki, this is how much I love you. This is your husband, Bizarre.” (YouTube)

In early December 2011, Biz unleashed his “Hey Nicki” music video.

In the clip, the zany rapper flips Toni Basil‘s classic video ‘Hey Mickey’ into his own “Stan”-like version called ‘Hey Nicki.” The green-wigged Bizarre raps about his love for Nicki as he gazes at posters of her on his wall. “Everyday, I think about what she’s wearin’ / When the TV come on / I can’t stop starin’,” he raps. The video then segues to Bizarre and his maniacal cronies crashing a fictional wedding between Drake and Minaj look-a-likes. (Pop Crush)

On the record, he also addresses the speculated romantic bond between Nicki and Young Money labelmate Drake.

The video takes stalker one step further and finds the overweight lover adopting Nicki’s wacky wig look and fawning over a collage of magazine pictorials. It even features a Minaj look-a-like preparing to marry a guy that resembles one of her most well-known Young Money cohorts. “It’s the end of the world, it’s almost Armageddon,” he raps. “If you and Drake get married, I’m f–king up the wedding.” (RapFix)

Check out Bizarre’s “Hey Nicki” ode:

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