D12’s Bizarre Says Eminem Leads The Pack, “Right Now It’s Time For Marshall To Do His Thing”

D12’s Bizarre Says Eminem Leads The Pack, “Right Now It’s Time For Marshall To Do His Thing”

D12‘s Bizarre recently spoke on Eminem and what it will take to get the crew in the studio for their forthcoming new group project.

From Biz’s perspective, now marks the time for Eminem to lead the pack.

“All the different projects, music, emotions, the tragedies and all the things that happened to the group — all these things add up. On my new (solo) record, you’ll feel it and other things will be addressed on the new D12 record,” Biz promised in an interview. “Right now it’s time for Marshall to do his thing, and I got my solo album. We might put out a mixtape soon, but we kind of want everybody’s full attention when we make the new D12 record, which we hope will drop before the end of the year. Even though everybody’s (right now) kind of doing their own thing, it doesn’t even matter if we don’t see each other for a month or two. We’ve been through some serious situations together, so much, but it’s still there. Today we’re smarter guys, more business-oriented, but once we’re back in the studio and we’re back on the radio, it’s like no other — pure magic.” (Detroit Free Press)

Earlier this month, Biz said Em would play a minor role on the new D12 album.

“He’s working on his album right now. He’s at the point in his career where he needs us to stand on our own, and just knock it out and he’ll come for the finishing touches. It has to be that way,” Biz said in an interview. “Yeah [we’re on Recovery.] We was actually touring when he did his last album, but we knew it wasn’t a big deal because he was doing a part two. So we was like, ‘We’ll get it on the next one.’ Like I said, it’s part of us being on our own. We can’t be on my man’s left nut sack. We got to do what we got to do to make it.” (Complex)

Producer Jim Jonsin recently discussed Em’s studio work ethic while completing Recovery.

“I heard some songs, he played me some music and it was incredible,” Jonsin said about working with Em. “I can say he was great to work with, super cool and laid back, funny guy too, he’s got jokes. The music that we did together, I was hoping to do more than the one record we have and I believe we have a very strong song, it could be a single…To me, he’s got something strong and I just want to leave it at that…It’s a real song, it’s different for myself, the direction. It’s a direction I haven’t gone yet…He knows what he wants. He kinda knows as far as even from the mixing standpoint. He’s on it…He let us do our thing but he did his thing and gave us some insight. He had some questions about the lyrics because he can be a bit aggressive and ask if it can be used for radio — I’m in there with Eminem, so my thing is this guy is a superstar…The guy is very talented.” (Rap-Up TV)

Last month, Jonsin said Em was willing to experiment on the new project.

“He was open to ideas,” Jonsin revealed in an interview. “He was real respectful to my craft. He let me do what I do. He asked me ideas on some of the lyrics. We had ideas for lyric changes. Certain words may or may not work on radio. We talked about that. He had a setup outside of the room to do production, but I’d rather be in the room where he was at, and he was cool with that. And I knocked out a couple of joints in there while he was in there with me. He was pretty open and he let me do my thing. He did his thing. It was a pretty good experience…We touched on something that I haven’t done anything like that before.” (MTV)

Check out some past Bizarre footage below:

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