D12 Get “Serious” On Next Record, “We’re Just Trying To Make Good Music”

D12 Get “Serious” On Next Record, “We’re Just Trying To Make Good Music”

While known for taking comical approaches to their albums, D12‘s upcoming third group effort will offer fans more serious content.

According to Bizarre, the album is still in its early stages.

Kon Artis, also known by his production handle Mr. Porter, will create a bulk of the album’s beats. “We’re just really getting started on it,” Bizarre states. “It should be due out before the year’s over.” While the rapper known for his token shower cap would not reveal song titles or the album’s concept, he did disclose that fans should expect more than the comical stylings heard on D12’s previous works, Devil’s Night and D12 World. “We’re just trying to make good music,” Bizarre admits. “[The album is] definitely going to be more serious than any other D12 album that’s come out.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this month, Biz said the 2006 loss of group member Proof caused their album’s delay.

“Actually, we started working on the album a week or two before Proof got killed. After that, we went in like four or five months after, but it just didn’t feel right. Then we just took a break for a year. Proof’s death just threw everybody off. I came out with Blue Cheese and Coney Island. Mr. Porter was heavy working with Dr. Dre. But we finally got it together again like three of four months ago. We did a whole tour together to get the vibe back. We just going back in the studio now. We got some songs, but they’re kind of outdated, so we want to get a fresh new batch. We realized that this is what Proof would want us to do.” (Complex)

Prior to Eminem re-naming Relapse 2 to Recovery, Biz said D12 was still a collective crew.

“We’re still recording the third album, and we just finished asong on Relapse 2 for Marshall’s album,” Bizarre said via phone. Tentatively titled “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” Bizarre says the collaboration shows that despite major losses such as the death of co-founding member Proof, nothing can keep the group down. “We’re still family, but everybody’s got their own situations going on,” he added. “No matter what y’all do, you can’t hold D12 down. We’ve been through a lot of sh*t, but we’re still gonna come back and recover.” (Hip Hop DX)

Last March, Biz hinted at a new group album via his popular Twitter page.

“d12 ablum coming soon!!!,” he wrote Thursday (March 4). “in the studio with marshall. royce 59. and d12. be looking for the single soon…..hear some of the bar exam 3. royce new mix tape.. its crazy!!.” (Bizarre’s Twitter)

No further details have been released as of now.

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