D-Dot’s Madd At Kanye West, “He Sucks”

D-Dot’s Madd At Kanye West, “He Sucks”

After hinting at his frustrations last week, renowned hitmaker Derick “D-Dot” Angelettie aka The Madd Rapper has elaborated on his issues with Grammy-winning rapper/producer Kanye West, stating that he has lacks respect and loyalty.

From D-Dot’s perspective, Yeezy has not fully acknowledged his contributions.

“The one song he didn’t get credit for was a Nas song we produced and the only reason that happened is because we did the record in 1998 and I don’t think that sh*t came out ’til the 2000s. By then neither one of us dealt with Columbia [Records] so they didn’t call us with the credits. I always knew he was gonna be genius. That’s why I hooked up with him, but as far as his respect factor, as far his loyalty factor, he sucks.” (XXL Mag)

Specifically, D-Dot feels Ye has had numerous opportunities to give him credit.

“Even in his [VH1] Behind the Music he goes from workin’ with No I.D. in Chicago to Jay-Z. What happened to the years when you was doing Foxy, Nas, Madd Rapper, Biggie, Puff and Shyne? When your moms was comin’ up here and we was lookin’ for apartments,” Dot added. “All that’s missing. He went straight from No I.D. to Jay-Z. No I.D. didn’t put you on. I put him on. Even Pete Rock. He did a f*ckin’ [Peter] Rosenberg interview. ‘How’d you meet Kanye? I met Kanye through D. Dot. Busta, how’d you meet Kanye? I met him through D.Dot.’ Raekwon all these people met Kanye through me. Jay-Z met Kanye through me. Hip-Hop and all them met Kanye because of D. Dot. That’s the only disrespectful part. He’s definitely dope, definitely a good student. [He] made hip-hop and music history. I respect him.” (XXL Mag)

On Ye’s 2004 record, “The Last Call,” he references ghost-producing for D-Dot.

“I was messin with, uh, D-Dot also. People were like this, started talking about the ghost production. But that’s how I got in the game. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here.” (“The Last Call”)

D-Dot is known for his close ties with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records.

The Madd Rapper was the alias of Brooklyn-born MC/producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, who first rose to prominence as one half of the conscious rap duo 2 Kings in a Cipher, which scored an underground hit with “For the Brothers Who Ain’t Here.” From there, Angelettie went to work as intern with Bad Boy Entertainment, where over time he rose to the position of A&R Director before Sean “Puffy” Combs tapped him as a staff producer; credited as D-Dot, he helmed the hit singles “Been Around the World” and “All About the Benjamins,” additionally serving as executive producer on projects from Mase (Harlem World), The LOX (Money, Power & Respect). (All Music)

Check out D-Dot speaking on Kanye West below:

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