Cypress Hill Find “Suburban Noize,” Tag Alchemist For New Album

Cypress Hill Find “Suburban Noize,” Tag Alchemist For New Album

Iconic rap group Cypress Hill have revealed plans to release their ninth studio album this fall after a five year hiatus.

Despite releasing their last project on Columbia Records, the four-member crew have shifted labels.

Cypress Hill is finishing its first studio album in five years and planning a fall release on Suburban Noize Records. The group members have been mostly working on their own projects since 2004’s Til Death Do Us Part and a split with Columbia Records, their longtime label home. (Glide Magazine)

Keeping details to a minimum, frontman B-Real promises a return to “gritty” hip-hop.

“We’re mixing right now,” B-Real said in an interview. “It’s aggressive. It’s like hip-hop straight-up. We just felt like we needed to go back to that raw, gritty hip-hop sound but try to find a way to bridge it with what’s going on now.” (Billboard)

The West Coast rap group has already booked collaborations for the untitled album.

Although the LP includes collaborations with Everlast, Evidence and The Alchemist, B-Real insists the record won’t be heavy on the cameos. “We don’t really do a lot of collaborations in Cypress. We keep it in house,” he added. “We’re used to working with each other, bouncing ideas off each other.” (Angry Ape)

B-Real’s rap squad has over two decades of music under their belts.

Cypress Hill were notable for being the first Latino hip-hop superstars, but they became notorious for their endorsement of marijuana, which actually isn’t a trivial thing. Not only did the group campaign for its legalization, but their slow, rolling bass-and-drum loops pioneered a new, stoned funk that became extraordinary influential in ’90s hip-hop — it could be heard in everything from Dr. Dre‘s G-funk to the chilly layers of English trip-hop. (All Music)

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