Curren$y Burns $1.5 Million Dame Dash Lawsuit, “That’s In The Ashtray”

Curren$y Burns $1.5 Million Dame Dash Lawsuit, “That’s In The Ashtray”

New Orleans rapper Curren$y is ready to let his $1.5 million problem against rap mogul Damon “Dame” Dash go up in smoke after going the legal route earlier this year over unpaid music.

Spitta said rather than let a courtroom decide the outcome, they will hash out the conflict themselves.

Curren$y initially admitted that he and Dash hadn’t spoken for a while, but this week, he told MTV News’ Sway Calloway that they will figure things out on their own. “I rolled that up too, that’s in the ashtray,” Curren$y said of the lawsuit against Dash. “I’m way too cool for a lot of that stuff, because I would always have to talk about it. I didn’t even do it because I didn’t feel like talking about that. So we’ll figure that out. We’re men.” (MTV)

Last week, Curren$y hinted at wanting to hook back up with Dash to continue his Pilot Talk series.

“That can happen, that can happen,” Curren$y said when asked about a possible Pilot Talk 3 album. “I talked to Ski [Beatz], me and Dame [Dash] talked, I’m talking because I wouldn’t be able to do that without, like, all parties that were involved in the first two — I wouldn’t be able to do that sh*t, so everything would have to be ironed out on the up and up and we could do that sh*t.” (AHH)

Back in May, the former Cash Money rapper said matters between him and Dame soured.

“No. Not talking to him, but I hear stuff from his lawyers and his lawyers hear from my lawyers,” Curren$y said when asked if he stays in contact with Dash. “[How’d the situation get like this?] Sh*t, nothing ever really happened. Stuff gets sold and I feel like I don’t know what happened on my end. So we’ll see. Yeah, its business man, I got to do my thing. How could I do this and do all of that? I got to do this. Absolutely, that’s all I have to say, that’s all I can do.” (Complex)

Earlier the same month, Curren$y briefly spoke on the legal battle over unpaid music.

XXL recently caught up with Curren$y as he kicked off his “Jet Life Tour 2012.” The usually animated MC was very tight lipped however when talking about the case. “I don’t know what we gonna do, but when it’s all said and done, I’ll tell y’all about it,” he said somberly in his tour bus, parked outside the House of Blue before his concert. “Not ever disappointed,” Spitta said on his tour bus in New Orleans. “Any situation I ever been through I look at it as a lesson. Just learning something. It’s not something you should be disappointed from. It should be a opportunity for you to get some game. It’s all good. I’m glad. I’m glad.” The lawsuit still has not been resolved. (XXL Mag)

Check out some recent Curren$y footage below:

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