Crooked I Shows Off His Player-Hater Card, “I Hate The F*cking Celtics!”

Crooked I Shows Off His Player-Hater Card, “I Hate The F*cking Celtics!”

Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I may be just weeks away from celebrating his crew’s Shady Records debut, however, the West Coast rapper is in hardcore sports mode and dishing out his “hate” list.

When asked about his favorite teams and athletes, Crooked I pulled no punches about his stance.

“[Teams I grew up hating?] Boston Celtics, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs,” he said in an interview. “[Specific players?] Oh yes, for sure. [John] Elway used to piss me off all the time when I was a kid. Also any Celtic, I don’t give a f*ck who it is. I used to love Kevin Garnett till he went to the Celtics. F*cking Paul Pierce too, I hate the f*cking Celtics! [Laughs.] [If the Thunder-Heat make the Finals, who’ll win?] Probably the Heat. I hate the Heat too, I can’t stand f*cking Heat.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, Atlanta’s Killer Mike told SOHH he predicted the Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals.

“I want to see the Knicks do good but shout-out to my n*gga Kobe [Bryant] and the motherf*cking Los Angeles Lakers. [laughs] The Clippers look dominant now and I ain’t mad at them but they didn’t want Kobe to get Chris Paul at point. If Chris would have [been traded to the Lakers], we’d be talking about a whole different thing right now. No matter how dominant you are in the season, you gotta make the playoffs. I really think the Heat could win the championship. I’m not making that my prediction, but I’m letting people know I think the Heat might take the championship this year.” (SOHH)

Florida native Ace Hood recently told SOHH he thought Miami are contenders.

“[Playoffs run?] Of course. They’re playing outstanding basketball. This year is starvation in D-Wade. They want it bad. It goes back to [my upcoming mixtape], Starvation, they want it bad. We want a ring. They want to be at the top, I want to be at the top. We want it bad, you feel me?” (SOHH)

Crooked I and the rest of Slaughterhouse can expect their sophomore album to drop next month.

Check out a past Crooked I interview below:

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