Cory Gunz Shoots To Escape Drake & Lil Wayne’s Shadow

Cory Gunz Shoots To Escape Drake & Lil Wayne’s Shadow

Newly signed Young Money artist Cory Gunz recently talked about being on Lil Wayne‘s label and what it will take to earn his own shine.

Despite being on the same label which also houses Nicki Minaj and Drake, Gunz is confident in his ability to get attention.

“I think, ultimately, I have to do me. If you notice, everyone you mentioned on the team all made their own lanes and names for themselves where you know it’s Young Money because of the imprint and it’s family, but they’re out there heavy doing their own thing. Wayne, of course, started it because of his track record and work ethic, but the same goes for Drizzy, Nicki… Tyga doing his thing with Chris Breezy, Gudda and everyone else is doing their own thing, making their own noise. I’m just happy I can be somewhere and genuinely be myself and get credited for it. Young Money has given me the opportunity to just be me and we’re going to see where it goes so get ready!” (XXL Mag)

Over the summer, Gunz hinted at an upcoming project featuring himself and Lil Wayne.

Often criticized for his lack of collaborations, Gunz explained that his hesitation in teaming up with other artists stems from his desire to keep his music innovative, “I always want to step outside the box when I do collaborations. Just know that I got some stuff in the works with Weezy when he comes home,” says Cory of the currently incarcerated Lil Wayne. “People always ask why I don’t do songs with too many people, but I just want sure if I work with someone we do something that never would be expected.” (VIBE)

Last May, Gunz talked about Wayne taking an executive producer role on his upcoming untitled project.

“Shout out to Wayne for giving me a shot. He kept it real. All I’mma say, that this is it. This is what it is. Everybody just better get ready…Wayne is gonna executive-produce the album,” he explained in an interview. “I trust his insight. He’s going to be overseeing everything. I’m gonna keep doing the things I been doing. I think that’s what’s gotten me noticed. I’mma just keep my grind moving. Whatever ventures I can do, I’m bringing my family through. My whole team is gonna eat. I’m just telling everybody to get ready…I haven’t met Nicki [Minaj] yet. Me and Drizzy met a while back when they was doing the I Am Music Tour in Arizona.” (MTV)

Speculation on Wayne signing Gunz developed last March.

Lil Wayne is turning himself in today but last night he spent time live on webcam where he first talked about his recent show with Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden. Wayne later said that Cory Gunz would be the next artist on his Young Money label. “Shout out to my n—a Cory Gunz, about to be the newest member of the Young Money team.” Gunz tweeted over the weekend, “LOL. Young Money!!!!!!” (Rap Basement)

Check out a recent Cory Gunz interview below:

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