Cops Pull Trigger In Soulja Boy Hit & Run, Make Arrest

Cops Pull Trigger In Soulja Boy Hit & Run, Make Arrest

Progress has been made after recent reports claimed rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em may be involved in a hit-and-run incident dating back to early January with an arrest going down this week.

According to reports, Soulja Boy’s longtime pal Arab has been arrested in connection to the crime.

Cops have arrested a man in connection with the mysterious hit-and-run involving Soulja Boy’s Bentley. TMZ has learned … a rapper was busted, but it wasn’t Soulja. Police have arrested Abrahim Mustafa … we’re told he’s one of Soulja Boy’s hangers-on. He’s a rapper who goes by Arab. He’s been arrested for felony hit-and-run. We’re told cops still want to speak to Soulja Boy. (TMZ)

Dicey details of the winter crime surfaced across the Internet last week.

Back on January 9, a motorcyclist struck a red Bentley in Hollywood, leaving the biker seriously injured. The Bentley’s driver fled the scene, however. It is believed that its driver made a reckless turn that caused the crash. In any case, a friend of the biker went back to the scene to look around. That’s when he met a valet at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles who said that he knew the car well, and that it belonged to Soulja Boy. (The Hollywood Gossip)

After the victim went to police, law enforcement officials were able to identify SB’s whip courtesy of hidden camera shots.

Turns out, the cops have access to a super-database of photographs taken by thousands of hidden cameras stationed on police cars, buildings and private vehicles all over L.A.. There are private companies that make money off the City by getting citizens and businesses to mount cameras for the database. One law enforcement source tells us the cameras are constantly taking photos of cars all over the city — and the average car is shot AT LEAST 1,000 TIMES PER DAY!!! So … the cops got the license plate number of Soulja Boy’s Bentley, ran it through the database and BINGO … a bunch of photos popped up showing the Bentley with damage that corresponded to the accident. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, SB ran into a similar accident last summer when he crashed his Bentley into another vehicle.

“I was in my Bentley, it was a green light, and they had a yellow arrow light,” Soulja Boy explained in a video. “I had so much respect, I’m already heated that somebody done hit my $250,000 car but I’m still being respectful, she’s saying, ‘That stolen a** car.’ I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?’ Her n*gga knew what it was though, he backed down — she was [like] ‘I’m pregnant, my arm.’ She ran the light, our light was green, she turned too fast, thought she was going to make it and hit my car. So it is what it is. Just like my girl said, she’s racist for saying this is a stole car. N*gga I paid for my Bentley. $250,000 cash.” (YouTube)

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