Coolio Speaks On Crack Possession Charge, “In Essence I Don’t Give A F**k”

Coolio Speaks On Crack Possession Charge, “In Essence I Don’t Give A F**k”

Grammy-winning rapper Artis “Coolio” Ivey has discussed his recent drug possession charges and proclaimed his innocence.

In a recent interview, Coolio anticipated the negative effects the media attention and court case will have on him.

“Everybody got a family member or a friend that’s into something that you can’t control those types of situations,” Coolio explained. “I just happened to get caught up in the scene…It was just a situation I had no control of, something was in my bag and I didn’t even know it was in my bag. They could have did DNA and all kinds of stuff to find out if it was mine but they didn’t. They just got the bag and assumed it was mine…If you do bring drugs to the airport, you don’t put ‘em in your bag you put ‘em in your pocket. I used to smoke marijuana and I traveled with it for years, never put it in my bag. I always had it in my pocket. I’m not dumb like that but you know…That was some bullsh*t. The unfortuante thing about this is when my name is cleared, more people are not gonna hear about it than heard about it. That’s life in the city, that’s life of a celebrity. My family and friends know it’s not me. God knows it’s not me. In essence I don’t give a f*ck.” (TMZ)

His drug case also forced Coolio to cancel an Australian tour earlier this year.

Coolio’s Oz tour cancelled after drug charge. The rapper has been forced to cancel his Australian tour after the Grammy-winning emcee was charged with drug possession. A spokeswoman for Coolio’s Australian tour says the pending charges mean he will be unable to travel Down Under. He was due to kick off his tour in Melbourne, before heading to Perth, Sydney and the Gold Coast. It is unclear whether the shows will be re-scheduled. (ABC News)

Initial concern over the status of his tour grew after he was arrested last March.

Coolio’s Australian tour is under a cloud after he was arrested at Los Angeles airport for drug possession. He is booked to play Billboard in Russell St. on Friday as part of his Australian tour. Publicist Petrina Convey said she had no idea whether the rapper’s tour was on or off. “We’ve spoken to his management in the US, but they aren’t telling us anything,” she said. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is monitoring the situation. (Herald Sun)

His publicized incident took place at Los Angeles International Airport.

The Grammy-winning performer, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey, was taken into custody at the airport on Friday after authorities said they found the drug and a crack pipe in his luggage. The battery charge was included because the performer grabbed an airport screener’s arm to prevent the search of his luggage, said Jane Robison, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney. He faces a maximum sentence of three years in state prison if convicted and is scheduled to appear in court on April 3. (Reuters)

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