Controversial Clip Shows Kids Using Rap’s Most Explicit Lyrics: “Put A Molly In Her Champagne, She Ain’t Even Know It” [Video]

Controversial Clip Shows Kids Using Rap’s Most Explicit Lyrics: “Put A Molly In Her Champagne, She Ain’t Even Know It” [Video]

A new eye-opening, message-driven video featuring the likes of children spewing controversial Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Trinidad James lyrics has hit the Internet.

In an effort to raise awareness, the clip features popular rap lyrics and expressions coming out of the mouths of various elementary school kids.

Created by Jimmy Smith II and Jarrel Smith of L.A.-based agency Amusement Park, “Kids” is a video that shows a bunch of children parroting the language of rap songs. The video doesn’t just call out foul language or drug use, but the thick layer of misogyny and other questionable attitudes that envelope so many songs. Hearing a child parrot the controversial Rick Ross lyric that cost him a Reebok sponsorship (“Put a molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it”) is especially galling. Kids are too young to take in the implication of such a lyric, but receptive enough to internalize it. At one point in the video, some of the kids repeat one of this year’s biggest buzzwords, “twerk”–a reminder of how family-friendly the term has become. (Fast Co Create)

The video’s creators, Jimmy Smith II and Jarrel Smith, have spoken out on the clip’s overall message.

“We just wanted to hold up a mirror to the types of messages we pump into our heads all day,” the Smiths told us. “We hope this film pushes some of our favorite, super-talented artists to push themselves toward more honest and balanced art. Not cleaner or censored, but honest. If rappers rapped about Hot Wheels and ice cream on every song it wouldn’t be honest either. But if you have 12 songs about money, where are the songs about the things money does NOT fix? Nobody is perfect, but as creatives we can always be honest. Honesty–it’s what makes truly great art, great.” (Fast Co Create)

Earlier this year, child rapper Lil Poopy caught massive heat over appearing in NSFW videos with scantly dressed women.

The child, Luie Rivera Jr., whose stage name is “Lil Poopy,” is seen in videos posted online, including on YouTube, smacking a woman’s backside, flashing wads of cash, riding in a Ferrari and rapping about how “coke is not a bad word.” A separate video shows the young performer in a nightclub with a dancing woman in a sexually suggestive position, with people in the crowd throwing cash. The Brockton, Massachusetts, police department contacted the state’s Department of Children and Families after receiving a call from a “concerned citizen” who saw the boy in videos featuring sexual themes and drug references. (CNN)

After being accused of associating himself with Poppy, Bad Boy Records’ French Montana denied the business connection.

“Hell no!,” French said in an interview when asked about Lil Poopy being signed to Coke Boys. “Nah man, Lil Poopy was never signed to Coke Boys. Lil Poopy was just, you know, sometimes you have a little kid that’s around, he’s jumping around, doing this and that, he’s doing the most, it’s like, ‘Come on little man,’ you’re playing with him. But nah, you know I’m not gonna put somebody nine-years-old on Coke Boys. Hell no. Nah. And if he was, I wouldn’t tolerate no little kid, nine-years-old going around, doing all that. Nah. Yeah. So I never signed him. Nothing. Sometimes they’d come around the shows and I like the little kid, so he’d be around playing. But I’m not telling him go into that [recording] booth.” (Power 99 FM)

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Check out the “Kids” video:

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