Consequence Gets B.A.D. Backlash, “People Were Like, ‘How The F*ck You Gonna Be Dissing Kanye?'”

Consequence Gets B.A.D. Backlash, “People Were Like, ‘How The F*ck You Gonna Be Dissing Kanye?'”

Former G.O.O.D. Music associate Consequence has opened up about splitting ways with Kanye West and how their publicized estranged relationship has warranted resentment from fans.

Asked about the treatment he’s received from fans since publicly going separate ways last fall, Cons came clean on the divide of supporters.

“That’s a situation that involves family, friends and fans on Twitter,” Cons answered in an interview. “So there was a lot of spears being thrown at everybody, and the natives were getting restless. I never had to deal with that, because I’ve always been an artist with a considerable amount of respect and love. Even if people didn’t like me specifically, they were really respectful about saying it. All that sh*t came to a screeching halt. People were like, ‘Motherf*cker, how the f*ck you gonna be dissing Kanye?’ and ‘You bit the hand that fed you!’ Mind you, I have a mortal mind like every other man, but I also have a very strong will. That’s what has kept me so diligent over the years.” (Hip Hop DX)

Earlier this month, Cons revealed his contribution to all of West’s albums to date.

“It is true I participated in writing with Kanye. You could read it on credits on 808s and Heartbreaks, College Dropout. Every album that he’s had, I’ve been involved from a creative aspect in writing of songs,” Cons said. “Check the credits, I get that publishing.” (MTV)

Cons also said West went into a music hiatus following his publicized 2009 Taylor Swift MTV VMA Awards interruption and ultimately left him stranded.

“At one point, Kanye wasn’t even doing any music after the Taylor Swift situation, it’s documented he went to Europe,” Cons said, alluding to ‘Ye’s 2009 MTV VMAs outburst. “In the midst of all that, I was left hanging…As a man, you can’t hang your fate on no other man, but when you think the man is your brother and you talk about every other single situation known to man, you would think it would dawn on somebody to say, ‘Hey, let me make sure this all right, let me make sure my guy is good.’ If I’m not your guy, that’s fine; let’s just have clarity on it.” (MTV)

Last fall, he dropped his “Man Purses” record which subliminally went at G.O.O.D. Music.

“I ain’t like the rest of these dudes,” Cons raps on the song. “I ain’t in to man purses or the bland verses/I put more emphasis, on what the fans purchase/I hear Cam’s verses, over ‘Runaway,’ if they ain’t writing, the new dudes ain’t got nothing to say/But what’s the sense of having soldiers who don’t kick bars/If you can smell the odor from the discharge…” (“Man Purses”)

Check out some recent Consequence footage below:

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