Consequence Blasts G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T, “That’s Why The Motherf*cking Clipse Got Clipped” [Audio]

Consequence Blasts G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T, “That’s Why The Motherf*cking Clipse Got Clipped” [Audio]

Former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence has decided to keep firing shots at his former brethern by unleashing a new track called “The Plagurist Society” aimed specifically at The Clipse’s Pusha T.

Along with dissing Pusha, Cons also warns of plans to take on Kanye West.

The day just got a lot hotter. Former G.O.O.D. Music frontman Consequence held his word and today launched a war against Kanye West and his army. In what’s expected to be the first of many attacks, on his first try Cons puts the spotlight directly on the labels latest signee, lyrical monster Pusha-T. On the track titled “The Plagurist Society” Cons questions Pusha’s coke-dealing raps while reminding the VA hustler that he comes from the land of the elite weight movers, the notorious Supreme Team. Consequence saves the best for last towards the end of the record when the Queens native promises to take aim at West on the next go round. (RapFix)

Specifically, Cons accuses the G.O.O.D. Music team of stealing lyrics and flows.

“So what you’ve ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat your flesh alive/Before EMS arrives and the wings of death decide / That it’s time to expire / Yeah, meaning it’s time to retire/ Because you’ll never get a trophy, playing for the Steelers / They steal n*ggas lines, steal n*ggas flows / 40 million in, still a n*gga owes — You keep f*ckin’ around but still don’t hit / And that’s why the motherf*cking Clipse got clipped — But still there’s no Malice in my heart / For these poor little wretched clowns that I’ma coast through — He ain’t nothin’ but a body shield for the coward from the Midwest / So yes, you can bet / That your boss is next.” (“The Plagurist Society”)

Asked if he stole Cons’ bars earlier this year, Pusha denied intentionally borrowing lyrics for his “My God” single.

“He said that I stole his lines? Wow. Nah, I haven’t really heard much about it. Everyone who’s been hitting me up has been telling me how crazy this song is. I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t taken anything from Consequence, or anybody else, for that matter. Just for the record. I’ve been in the studio with Cons, and we’ve talked, and numerous days we’ve laughed, and…I don’t know. I missed that one. The way I’ve got to look at it now: I don’t even know if that’s for me. I can’t even believe anything like that’s for me, very honestly. I mean, until, you know, he told me something like that. I don’t know what everybody else has got going on, but ‘My God’ is an awesome record. [Laughs.]” (Complex)

Despite Pusha’s defense, Cons later responded and called out the rapper.

“I had a record called ‘Last Supper’ that Kanye [West] wanted me to get Pusha to do a verse on when ‘everything was everything,'” Cons explained in an interview. “So naturally I gave him my record, him being at the time my labelmate. Not to mention, I’ve known Pusha longer than I’ve known Kanye, for the record…[‘My God”s] beat is good, the first verse, cool. [I thought], ‘He’s doing his Pusha thing, word!’ So we get through to the second verse and I hear ‘It’s the last supper for you n*ggas, just the picture repainted.’ So I’m like, hold up, my record had went, ‘Cudi got the kids, Cons got the streets, ‘Ye got the globe, so we all going to eat/it’s the last supper for you motherf*ckers, I don’t make a promise I can’t keep.'” (Karma Loop TV)

Check out Consequence’s song below:

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