Common Talks Future, “I Want To Be Doing Shows When I’m 60″



Just a few weeks away from his long-awaited eighth album Universal Mind Control, SOHH got a hold of Common to talk about today’s hip-hop, retiring from music and the impact of Barack Obama‘s presidential run.


With a long track record of hit records and credited years within rap music, the artist formerly known as Common Sense spoke on the recent talk of surge of different rappers nowadays.

“I do believe everything has its’ place,” Com told SOHH. “Like T-Pain is an artist. He has his place in the scope of black music. Soulja Boy is a hip-hop artist. He has his place in the music. You should have a Kanye West, a T.I. and a Common, a Nas and a Jay-Z and Ludacris. You should have this variety of artists.”

Despite providing fans with over a decade of music, the conscious rapper confessed that every project continues to offer new challenges along with fresh sounds and messages.

“It feels like each time there’s a new album, it’s a new beginning,” Common said. “I think that being an artist has been a way for me to, to really fulfill some of my life’s purposes and I really want to go out and make change in the world.”

While artists like Lupe Fiasco and The Game have promised final albums and forthcoming retirement from hip-hop, Common looks past timelines.

“God willing, you’ll get albums nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,” he laughingly promised. “I feel like a jazz musician in many ways and I wanna keep creating music. I feel like I want to be doing shows when I’m sixty something.”

Speaking on Chi-town’s Obama and his historic march to the presidency, the rapper recalled the times leading up to his win.

“I feel like God is blessing us with a new day, a new time in our lives,” Common explained. “We have a person in office whose there for a greater purpose than politics. Like, my father said to me this is a spiritual eleciton. And I think so many people were praying, praying for somebody to be president, like I never thought I would reach that day.”

Universal Mind Control is currently scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, December 9 on Geffen.

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