Common Says That’s All Folks, “Point Blank, I Got A Call From Lyor Cohen”

Common Says That’s All Folks, “Point Blank, I Got A Call From Lyor Cohen”

After speculation and reporting claiming he is now repping Warner Bros. these days, rap veteran Common has come forward to confirm his new record label situation.

According to Common, Warner Bros. Records CEO and music mogul Lyor Cohen reached out to him.

“Point blank, I got a call from [Warner CEO] Lyor Cohen,” Common explained in an interview. “He was like, ‘Look, man, I know who you are. I always told you, you was one of my favorite MCs, and I really meant that.’ I felt the sincerity in what he was saying. He didn’t tell me, ‘We’re going to do this, do that.’ He was more like, ‘I know how we can do your record, and I want to work this. I want this to be on my roster.'” (MTV)

The Chicago rap veteran also explained his motivation to join a major over independent record label.

“I felt like, man, it would be good because it’s so much … we do have a lot going on,” Common added. “I am doing these acting projects. I do have my foundation. I do have a daughter and a life, too. So it’s all these things I want to take care of, I felt like I didn’t want to have an independent label that I felt like you gotta be there for everything, every decision. I’d rather have a team that’s already in place that’s really confident in what I’m doing.” (MTV)

Speculation on Common’s label move emerged online last week. has learned that Common has signed to Warner Bros. Records. A source close to the deal has confirmed with us that the Chicago rapper/actor will be releasing his next record on Warner. As of press time a release date is unknown. (XXL Mag)

Last September, Common announced plans to drop a solo project by the spring.

“I’m working on [a new album] now, I know I said I was working on it before, I was, but then I stopped and did promo for “Just Wright,” then stopped and did this TV show and was doing a couple other things that I needed to do. But now I’m focused, and working and I’m really- in all reality, I believe that the new album will come out in the spring. I’m looking at around April or May for the new album. It’s called The Believer. I had that title for a while to be honest. The time has come. It’s coming.” (All Hip Hop)

Common’s last album, Universal Mind Control, dropped in 2008 via Universal.

Check out a past Common interview down below:

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