Common Says Smashing Chelsea Handler Wouldn’t Make Sense, “I Gave Her A Nice Little…” [Audio]

Common Says Smashing Chelsea Handler Wouldn’t Make Sense, “I Gave Her A Nice Little…” [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper Common has killed any speculation and possible rumor mills suggesting he may have hooked up with late night talkshow host Chelsea Handler following a recent interview.

Denying any hook-up gossip, Common laughingly said he is not pursuing Handler for a romantic rendezvous.

“Nah, I ain’t touch down with that. I just kept it moving, [laughs],” Common told DJ Whoo Kid. “Why, you want that? You want that? One of y’all want that ‘Chelsea Lately’? I don’t want that. Yeah, yeah, I gave her a little nice hug, one she felt. [laughs] Yeah.” (Radio Planet TV)

A couple weeks ago, the Chicago rapper appeared on “Chelsea Lately” and questioned Handler about her interest in dating rappers.

Hip-hop artist Common stopped by “Chelsea Lately” (Weeknights., 11PM ET on E!) on Tuesday night, and as often happens on that show, the talk turned to dating. First, host Chelsea Handler wanted to know which physical attributes attract Common to a woman. He denied being attracted to only one specific feature, saying “I like all shapes of women, beautiful women.” Then Common had a question for Chelsea, who dated rapper 50 Cent last year. “Do you like black guys?” he asked. To which she quipped, “It depends. There’s a time of year in which I’m very interested in black men. … It happens to be right around the holidays.” (Huffington Post)

In October, Atlanta rapper T.I. poked fun at Handler’s brief stint with G-Unit‘s 50 Cent.

“Your last name isn’t ‘Lately,’ by the way, Chelsea,” T.I. told Handler. “It isn’t?,” she responded. “No it isn’t.” “[Then] what’s my last name?” “I thought your last name was Cent? I thought it was Chelsea Cent.” She then told Tip, “No, that’s not true. 50’s last name was Lately for a while. But then we changed it back. Anyway.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

In August, Handler confessed to having a sexual relationship with 50.

“We were friends. We’re not friends really anymore. I haven’t spoken to him in a while… We had sex,” Handler revealed. “It was fun. I’ve told other people. Don’t feel special. [You feel special?] Well, I’m not gonna lie…I’m not interested in motherhood at all.” (Esquire)

Check out Common’s interview below:

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