Common Responds To Drake’s ‘Sweet’ Reaction, “We Just Need To Get In The Ring” [Video]

Common Responds To Drake’s ‘Sweet’ Reaction, “We Just Need To Get In The Ring” [Video]

After Young Money star Drake recently fired back at Common over taking offense to his new “Sweet” record calling out singing rappers, the hip-hop veteran has reacted to Drizzy’s actions.

Appearing on weekday show “106 & Park” Monday (December 19), Common said he respects Drake as an artist but is down for a rap battle if it comes down to it.

“I look at it as hip-hop. He felt, obviously, what I said in ‘Sweet,’ he must have felt he was one of the people being addressed, so he decided to say what he had to say and I said, ‘Hey, we can keep it on a hip-hop level’ because I think he’s a good artist. He’s a talented guy, so, but if I’m saying, ‘Yo, look we’re in the ring, and you want to get in the ring,’ then we just need to get in the ring. And I’m talking about on the mic, aight? [laughs] … [Could I go back into battling?] Yeah, because I love hip-hop, I love the culture of hip-hop.” (“106 & Park”)

Drizzy recently gave his reaction to Common’s “Sweet” record during a Las Vegas show.

In a recent performance in Las Vegas, Drake reportedly increased tensions by addressing Common on stage. “I might sing, but I ain’t no bitch.” said the Toronto rapper. “If Common got something to say, say it to my face.” Will Drizzy have to catch a body like that? A ridiculous situation indeed. (The Silver Tongue Online)

Last month, the Chicago rap veteran said his song is solely directed toward uncreative artists.

“Yeah, I know, some people have been saying that, but on that song, really, I’m just talking about whoever the cap fits,” Common said when asked if Drake is the target of his “Sweet” record. “I’m talking about rappers that’s out there that’s soft and doing the same thing. So if the cap fits, then that’s who it is. That’s all it is. It’s whoever the cap fits, then let ‘em wear it. I think it’s a lot of creative artists out there. I think Drake makes some good music, though.” (“The Frank & Wanda Show”)

Common also recently opened up about the song’s trash-talking at the end.

“I think what I did was just not put that responsibility of saying, “Man, OK, just because I went to the White House, I can’t express that side of me. Or just because I’m doing this brand partnership and because I am speaking to the kids and say, “Do something right,” that still don’t mean I ain’t an adult that feel like, “N*gga, get yo’ h*e a** out of here,” or I’ma fight when I need to fight. I had to make that decision for myself and part of it was just me being more comfortable in my skin and being like, “I’m a man, I ain’t gotta sit around and be worried about what everybody is gon think. I just gotta be who I am, what I am and say what I feel and if that sh*t come out not the right thing, it’s not the right thing sometimes. But it’s right because it’s what I’m feeling and it’s true to the art and it’s music.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Common’s “106 & Park” interview below:

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