Common Reacts To Carmen Bryan’s Nas Disses, Defends “Daughters” Record

Common Reacts To Carmen Bryan’s Nas Disses, Defends “Daughters” Record

Rap veteran Common has stepped forward to shed light on Carmen Bryan recently attacking ex-boyfriend Nas for penning “Daughters” in relation to their 17 year-old teenager.

In Common’s perspective, Nas was only exercising his freedom of expression.

“I feel like in art you gotta be free to express what you need to say,” Common told “That’s our job. That’s what we do. When you an artist, you can pour out your soul. Sometimes that’s the way to get it out. I don’t think it’s different than what Marvin Gaye was doin’, it’s the same mentality. Marvin Gaye did an album called Here, My Dear. The judge said he had to give all the proceeds from one of his next albums to his ex wife that he was divorcing. So he wrote all the songs about they relationship.” (XXL Mag)

Common also admitted experiencing a similar situation as his “Ghetto Dreams” partner in the past as well.

“I think in music, you should be able to be very personal,” Com asserts. “I know it’s tough on the people that may be in the experience with you. I’ve definitely had the mother of my child be like, ‘Yo, why you keep puttin’ our business out there.’ Like, when I did ‘Retrospect for Life’ about abortion. It’s necessary sometimes and honestly, not only is it a way for me to express myself, but it may inspire somebody else to do something good.” (XXL Mag)

Nas and his daughter, Destiny, were recently spotted on the song’s music video set.

Nas was joined by his daughter Destiny on set of the Chris Robinson-directed video for “Daughters” earlier this week. The hip-hop superstar, who also has a son with ex-wife Kelis, reflects on his relationship with his 17-year-old daughter on the powerful single, which will appear on his upcoming album Life Is Good, due July 17. Despite his good intentions, the No I.D.-produced song has struck a sour note with Destiny’s mother, Carmen Bryan. (Rap-Up)

After catching heat over discussing Nas’ “Daughters” record, Bryan recently promised to silence her comments.

Bryan’s condemnation of ‘Daughters’ didn’t sit well with fans of Nas who flooded her page with criticism of her position and requests to clarify her views, but after responding to only a few of the many negative responses her comments received, Bryan noted that she would no longer discuss the track following Destiny’s wishes. “At this time I am going to honor my daughter’s request and not validate the song by commenting on it any further,” Bryan wrote. (This Beat Goes)

Check out “Daughters” below:

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