Common & Queen Latifah’s “Just Wright” Earns $8.5 Mil Opening Weekend

Common & Queen Latifah’s “Just Wright” Earns $8.5 Mil Opening Weekend

Rappers Common and Queen Latifah‘s new movie, Just Wright, opened the weekend at No. 4 with $8.5 million in box office sales.

According to reports, the duo’s flick was outperformed by new releases including Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood.

“Iron Man 2″ has fought off all competition at the box office for a second weekend, boasting new earnings of $53 million. Ridley Scott‘s epic “Robin Hood,” starring Russell Crowe as the legendary British outlaw and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, settled for second place with $37.1 million on its debut weekend. Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave‘s romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet” debuted at three with nearly $13.8 million in earnings, while new basketball comedy “Just Wright,” starring Queen Latifah and hip-hop star Common, debuted at four with takings of $8.5 million. (Star Pulse)

Common and Queen Latifah’s new flick centers on love and sports.

Common is NBA superstar Scott McKnight, guiding the New Jersey Nets towards the playoffs. Queen Latifah is Leslie Wright (as in “Just…), a physical therapist and rabid Nets who just happens to “meet cute” Scott at a gas station after a game. This leads to an invitation to his birthday party – happens all the time – and Leslie brings her best friend Morgan (Paula Patton) to the celebration. (Hollywood Chicago)

Recent reports suggest Common received some NBA stars’ advice for his role.

Rapper/actor Common has his basketball star pals Baron Davis and Dwayne Wade to thank for helping him perfect his role as a sportsman in new movie Just Wright after turning to them for help and advice. (Post Chronicle)

During its filming in New York last August, a shooting reportedly took place near the set.

Feliberto Rivera, 36, was hanging no-parking signs in advance of a shoot for the sports-themed romance Just Wright when he heard gunshots at the opposite end of the block. Rivera said he turned around to see what happened and saw a man sprawled out on the street in front of the Fulton Houses. “I was waiting for him to get up, but he did not,” Rivera said. “He yelled, ‘Help! Help!'” The shooting took place shortly after the unidentified victim parked his car in front of the Fulton Houses around 6 p.m., witnesses said. (New York Daily News)

Check out a trailer for Just Wright below:

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