Common Gives Kanye West & Kim K Some G.O.O.D. Baby Tips [Video]

Common Gives Kanye West & Kim K Some G.O.O.D. Baby Tips [Video]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Common recently offered up some advice for Kanye West in light of having his first kid on the way with girlfriend/reality star Kim Kardashian.

Common, a father himself, congratulated Yeezy and Kim K over the news plus provided a tip on how to deal with the infancy stage.

“You gon’ see the world differently but those experiences will come to them,” he says. “There’s nothing I can tell them specifically on how it’ll be but I send my love and congratulations to them.” He also passed along an insider tip about dealing with the sleepless nights of baby wailing. “Somebody I worked with was telling me how you [could] allow your kid to cry for a night or two without going in there and they adjust to it.” (VIBE)

The fellow Chicago emcee also said it is vital not to lose track of yourself upon entering parenthood.

The G.O.O.D. Music vet says the most important reminder to keep in mind during parenthood is never forgetting yourself. “One thing I tell parents from my experience is to make sure you keep your life too, don’t lose yourself just because you have a child. you still wanna be able to go out, enjoy yourself, be sexy, be fresh, stay cool. Just because you become a parent doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else but I don’t [think] Kim or Kanye will lose themselves. They just have a flair about ‘em.” (VIBE)

Recently, R&B singer Keri Hilson reacted to Yeezy’s baby news and playfully asked him not to forget about her.

And can we look forward to another collaboration with Kanye West? “I spent some time with Kanye. It’s very, very probable and possible,” teased Keri, while sending a message to the father-to-be. “Don’t get too wrapped up in baby world that you forget about Keri Hilson ’cause we make great music together.” As for Mr. West, she thinks fatherhood will suit him well. “I know Kanye’s gonna be a great father. He’s a very kind-hearted person, very caring. I look forward to seeing that side of him.” (Rap-Up)

Mr. West broke the baby-on-the-way buzz to thousands of fans late last month.

The rapper announced at a concert Sunday night that his girlfriend is pregnant. He told the crowd of more than 5,000 at Revel Resort’s Ovation Hall in song form: “Now you having my baby.” The crowd roared. And so did people on the Internet. The news instantly went viral on Twitter and Facebook, with thousands posting and commenting on the expecting couple. (CBS News)

Check out Common’s interview:

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