Common Faces-Off W/ Diddy & Jay-Z, Launches New Cologne

Common Faces-Off W/ Diddy & Jay-Z, Launches New Cologne

Common has partnered with Diesel clothing to launch a new cologne, Only The Brave, which will place him in direct competition with other artists’ lines including Diddy and Jay-Z.

The rapper-turned-actor was reportedly chosen by the company to repesent the new fragrance line.

Inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave is a fragrance about seizing opportunities and making a difference. Only The Brave boasts the determination and strength to overcome adversity and make a mark. Common’s song “The 6th Sense” fully embodies the spirit of Only The Brave. Exploring what motivates a man and the challenges he faces, the song and the artist behind it encompass the qualities that make a brave man–determination, perseverance and principle. (Press Release)

Common has released a statement on why he decided to join forces with the company.

“I’ve always thought Diesel was a progressive, fresh brand, it has a classic feel, but pushes the envelope,” Common wrote. “I wanted to partner with Diesel because that’s really what I’m about too, to be an individual and an artist, it takes both bravery and courage.” (Statement)

Diesel President Renzo Rosso confirmed the launch, expressing his respect for the Chi-town rapper.

“Common perfectly represents the spirit and energy of Only The Brave fragrance: passion, will and conviction,” Rosso said in a statement. “He’s in control of his own destiny and has made his mark in all of his pursuits, creating changes through every effort and every medium.” (Billboard)

In addition to competing with Diddy’s I Am King cologne, the rapper will also face competition from Jay-Z and Kanye West who recently inked fragrance deals.

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West all got fragrance deals when Iconic Fragrances, LLC (where Jay-Z is a principal) signed an agreement with Parlux. Also part of the contract is the announcement of an upcoming scent with a “well-established female artist.” Considering it’s Jay-Z’s deal and he’s married to Beyonce, let’s read between the lines on that one. (New York Magazine)

No information has been released on when Only The Brave will hit retail stores.

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