Common Breaks The Rules For “Believer” Album, “It’s Gonna Have Some Scratches, Flows & Everything”

Common Breaks The Rules For “Believer” Album, “It’s Gonna Have Some Scratches, Flows & Everything”

Grammy-winning rapper Common recently talked about the status of his upcoming The Believer album and why he wants the project to go back to hip-hop’s early roots.

According to Com, he plans to break the rules and make raw records.

“Well the new album is called The Believer and I’m working on it,” Com explained in an interview. “It’s really just in the beginning stages but I been cooking up with No ID and Kanye West and my man Y-Not, who produced some of my earlier music. It’s really just essential boom bap hip-hop. I think I’m at a place where I wanna do some boom bap, raw sounding hip-hop that’s inspiring. I think that’s what people wanna hear. It’s gonna have some scratches, flows and everything because there aren’t too many rules to hip-hop. You think about what hip-hop brought that was so new was that it wasn’t really any rules to hip-hop. When I listen to Chuck D on ‘Rebel Without a Pause,’ he had like four verses on that song. It wasn’t about, like, ‘Okay, we gonna do 16 bars with an eight bar chorus.’ It was just like this is what I have to say and I’m gonna say it and it came out that way. They let it be natural and be raw and that’s what I want to have happen with my new album.” (XXL Mag)

Although summer is quickly approaching, the rapper recently said he is aiming for a fall release.

“It’s ‘good’ music,” he said. “The themes are street music and elevation, things that I feel like I always embody when I rap. But here there’s new situations, new solutions.” As far as production goes, Common says he’s working with No I.D. and Kanye West, both of which have produced a couple of his previous albums — “Be” and “Finding Forever,” “Resurrection” and “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” respectively. “I’m striving to get it out in the fall,” he said, adding that fans can expect a single by late summer or early fall. (Billboard)

Last December, the rapper said he was originally considering a summer release.

“[Me and Kanye] know that we want to do some raw hip-hop. That’s exactly the direction and feel we want, so that’s the basis of it. ‘Ye and I definitely know we want to do some pure hip-hop. I’m looking for an early summer release.” (Entertainment Weekly)

His ninth LP will provide fans with a return to his early hip-hop roots.

“For Believer, it was creating raw music, raw hip-hop,” he said in an interview. “I just wanted to create good hip-hop music. When I create albums, they develop as I go along, ’cause I have different thoughts and visions. And then as you create the music, it takes its own personality and spirit to it. But the beginning of it is raw hip-hop, it’s just soulful…Twilite Tone and No I.D., they produced my first three albums and they were the first producers I worked with. And Kanye is an extension of them. Kanye always says No I.D. is his mentor. That’s how I met Kanye, through No I.D. So for me to have these three working on my album is going home again. But I’m always gonna offer something new and fresh.” (MTV)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out Common speaking about music producers below:

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