“Coming From The Midwest, We’re The Underdogs. I Think We Get Ignored A Lot”

“Coming From The Midwest, We’re The Underdogs. I Think We Get Ignored A Lot”

[With the release of his new Nothing Nyce mixtape picking up steam, Midwest rapper Nyzzy Nyce gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on crafting his own masterpiece.]

One thing you’ll notice about me is my music is very dynamic. It’s mature. It’s motivational. It gets under your skin, get out here, be on your job and be something. It definitely is going to make you want to grind. This Nothing Nyce mixtape is something for everybody. There’s a song on here for everyone.

Coming from the Midwest, we’re the underdogs. I think we get ignored a lot and we finally have a product that’s going to explain how we feel and what’s going on in Indiana and Midwest. Period.

We’re off the radar. We’re not in New York or Los Angeles. It’s still good artists out here and I put a lot of time in my music. Nothing Nyce is artistically crafted.

I got a new sound. My beat selection is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. I’m doing some different things that you don’t hear from rap artists.

I’ve had people hit me up about my music and it getting them through things and helping them through things. You listen to music when you work out or you’re going through things. It helps you. You can find a track on Nothing Nyce and it’ll get you through something. If you need to be uplifted, you should check out the project.

This is my introduction to a larger audience. This is that first take. This is that introduction of me to the world. Everybody’s first tape is like, “I’m coming.” This is the first take of Nyzzy Nyce. Do not miss out!

Check out the new mixtape:

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