Coco & Ice-T Freeze The Haters, “We Don’t Give A F*ck, We Don’t Care”

Coco & Ice-T Freeze The Haters, “We Don’t Give A F*ck, We Don’t Care”

With super couple Coco and Ice-T‘s “Ice Loves Coco” reality show set to premiere in roughly 48 hours, SOHH hit up the inseparable twosome to get the inside scoop on what fans can expect when they tune in.

In addition to explaining why they chose to delve into the reality realm courtesy of E!, Ice-T also described his experience surrounded by cameras throughout series’ production.

“We found out that we could do it under our terms and our terms were that we could do a real reality show,” Ice-T told SOHH. “We’re not gonna stage fights and do anything that isn’t really in our lives. We’re confident with our life. We just didn’t want to do a dumb show…We don’t give a f*ck [what people think of us]. We don’t care. You’ll see…The cameras don’t record every moment of your life. You know when the cameras are going to be there and you only have about two to three cameras going on at one time. It’s not that complicated. You gotta remember, being in the music business, you’re used to people doing profiles on you and following you around for the day. So you’re kind of familiar with it. It would probably be traumatic for somebody that wasn’t in the business but we’re pretty used to it.” (SOHH)

Coco also said the show would allow fans to stay updated on their latest business ventures.

“Also, it shows all of the projects we’re involved in and it’s a good way to get it out to the public and into the open,” Coco added. “Also, it shows that we’re good people. Not these crazy people that some might think we are…With the cameras, there was a little learning curve. I won’t lie. Once you start doing it, there’s so many people poking into your life, you just have to be careful with what you do and what you say. And then you get used to it for a while. You don’t even know they’re in the room.” (SOHH)

“Ice Loves Coco” will reportedly bring viewers into their personal lives into their personal lives as well as witness Coco’s burgeoning modeling career.

The series will follow the two and document their respective careers, focusing on their home life as well as Coco’s attempts to launch a professional career as a model. While the pair has publicly displayed affection in the press over the past few years, they will invite cameras into their home to frame them as a “very traditional couple, wrapped in a very nontraditional package. (The Boom Box)

The show is slated to premiere this Sunday evening on E!

It’s come to this: Ice-T — who somehow transitioned from ’90s rap infamy (i.e., remember his track “Cop Killer”?) to an acting career (playing a detective on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) — now has his own reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” starting this Sunday, June 12, at 10:30/9:30 C on E! The series tracks his relationship with what E!’s promo materials alternately call his “gorgeous” and “outrageous” wife Nicole “Coco” Austin, a former swimsuit model. (Ad Age)

Ice-T & Coco’s new reality series, “Ice Loves Coco” is slated to premiere June 12th at 10:30 PM EST on E!

Check out an “Ice Loves Coco” teaser below:

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