Coco & Ice-T Analyze Nicki Minaj’s Juicy Ass-et, “Whatever Keeps Her On The Tip…”

Coco & Ice-T Analyze Nicki Minaj’s Juicy Ass-et, “Whatever Keeps Her On The Tip…”

With this week’s revelation by model/reality star Coco surrounding the authenticity of Nicki Minaj‘s backside, SOHH recently hit up Ice-T and his voluptuous wife to get their take on the Barbie’s eye-catching lady lumps.

Asked for his opinion on Minaj recently admitting she does not mind fans cherishing her booty, Ice-T said he understood the buzz the rapper’s rump generates.

“I mean, you know, at the end of the day, people are gonna talk about whatever you look like, whatever you’re doing, whatever you wear and so I guess with Nicki, she’s saying whatever keeps her on the tip of your tongue, that’s all that matters,” Ice-T told SOHH. “You know? Coco’s got a real booty. So, you know, Coco’s got a real booty.” (SOHH)

Coco, known for her own large derriere, also discussed the same flashing lights exposure she receives.

“I don’t want to be put in the same category but the thing is I have had requests [and questions] and it’s all real from down under,” Coco assured SOHH. “Like, there’s nothing going on there. Yeah, so, I really celebrate the fact that I have a womanly [body] and why not? It’s not like I try to cover it up. I don’t want to be homely looking, I just want people to see that sexy woman that I always have been.” (SOHH)

This week, Coco admitted knowing Minaj’s butt is fake.

“Well, I read that it wasn’t,” Coco said when asked if she thought Minaj’s backside was real. “Yeah, I thought she came out with it. I heard it from her. Yeah. OK, I’ve known — I don’t know. We’re not even going to go there anymore. Scandal? Right? [laughs] And you know, I say about a lot of stylists, that work with me, and a lot of hair and makeup, they work with me. They touch my body, they’re doing stuff all day long. So they’re doing that same thing to Nicki Minaj. And they’re saying it’s a little bit different.” (Perez Hilton)

A few weeks ago, Minaj addressed fans’ obsession with her booty.

“I don’t mind the question, I don’t mind the fascination. It’s all good,” she said. “I’ve said this before. It doesn’t define me, so I try my best not to focus my energy on it. Like if you guys focus energy on it, I don’t mind it. if people are sitting in a barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are going to do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, it’s good.” (“Full Throttle”)

Check out Coco speaking on Nicki Minaj’s booty below:

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