Coco Comes Clean On Cheating Allegations: “Woke Up To People In A Panic About Some Pics”

Coco Comes Clean On Cheating Allegations: “Woke Up To People In A Panic About Some Pics”

Reality star Coco Austin has stepped up to clear the air on rumors and speculation about her marriage to rap veteran Ice-T after steamy photos of her with another hip-hop artist emerged.

Rather than ignore the hype, Coco informed her 952,000-plus Twitter followers nothing is wrong with her marriage.

“Woke up to people in a panic about some pics,please guys I’m happily married,sometimes fans & friends take silly pics.Its harmless. #RELAX,” she tweeted December 7th. (Coco’s Twitter)

Reports of Coco’s possible cheating heated up the Internet Friday (December 7) morning.

December 07, 2012: Rapper Ice T may have just LOST HIS PRIZE POSESSION . . . his wife. managed to get their hands on SUGGESTIVE PICS of his wife CoCo and another man – Oakland rapper/mogul AP.9 (from the group Mob Figaz). We had been getting word FOR MONTHS that CoCo andAP.9 had an . . . INTERESTINGLY CLOSE relationship. But we weren’t prepared to put them ON FULL BLAST until we had PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIENCE. And while these pics don’t say FOR CERTAIN that something is POPPIN OFF between these two .. . it makes you wonder why she would take SO MANY kissing pics with dude . . . on so many DIFFERENT occasions. This is a EXCLUSIVE report. If any other media outlet STEALS it, we will NEVER link to your articles or credit you with any breaking news again. Plagiarism is SERIOUS!! (Media Take Out)

Last year, Ice talked to SOHH about his bond with the curvy model.

“You gotta love the person you’re with,” Ice-T laughingly told SOHH. “It shouldn’t be a marriage of convenience or think it’s something that’ll look good for the press. You gotta find somebody that you really dig. You have to be a fan of your mate. Back in the days, people got married and it was some fairytale thing. Now, it’s more of a business partnership. You have to become real teammates. I tell Coco all the time, it’s hard enough for one person to make it in the world, so if you’re two, it should be easier. Hopefully, not harder.” (SOHH)

Coco also delved into what helped solidify their relationship together.

“You gotta like what they do, too,” Coco added. “As far as I go, I didn’t really know a lot about rap but I liked Ice as a person. So whatever he was in to, I was in to and I had to get in to because I started having to research it a little bit. Just like me. He met me modeling so he kind of had to become a fan of me modeling. He probably never thought about that before.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Coco footage:

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