Ciara Offers Kim Kardashian A Taste Of Her Goodies

Ciara Offers Kim Kardashian A Taste Of Her Goodies

R&B singer Ciara has confirmed recent speculation suggesting reality star Kim Kardashian is trying her hand in the music industry.

While still in the early stages, Ciara said she is prepared to offer her talent goodies to Kardashian.

“I told her if she needs me, I’m here,” Ciara said in an interview. “She really, really is fascinated with the music-video process and stuff like that. She’s a very, very glamorous girl. She really loves that whole idea, and so she joked about [it] like, ‘I wanna shoot a music video … but I don’t want people to take it too serious. I would just like to have fun with it.'” (MTV)

Details on a rumored Kardashian album in the works landed online last month.

She has conquered the world of reality television and has established a successful empire of celebrity endorsements, but is Kim Kardashian reaching to far with her latest project? Kim has been in the studio working on a new album. Could Kanye West have a role in Kim’s musical collaboration? Khloe Kardashian recently addressed rumors about Kim’s intriguing relationship with the “Runaway” singer. “No, they are just friends,” Khloe revealed last week while attending the Lakers game in Los Angeles. While there is nothing romantic going on between Kim and Kanye, there is always the possibility that the two stars have a new professional collaboration in the works. (Examiner)

Although it’s still unclear who all will be involved in the project, Kardashian has already locked in hitmaker The-Dream.

Kim Kardashian may soon be famous for more than just her beauty. According to reports, the socialite-turned-reality TV star is currently recording music for her debut album, and she’s hitting the studio with none other than hitmaker The-Dream (Rihanna, Beyonce) to get it done. Says a source who’s attended the sessions, “Kim’s got a really good voice.” We’ll believe it when we hear it. (Billboard)

Outside of music-making, the reality star was tied in Kanye West dating rumors earlier this fall.

“There’s pictures of us hanging out?” West questioned when confronted by Mojo in the Morning about Kardashian. “Man, I need to get on the Internet more!” After some urging from the radio personalities to just admit his relationship with Kardashian, West paused and opted to dance around the question. (Radar Online)

Check out some recent Kim Kardashian footage below:

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