Chubb Rock’s Wife Blows The Whistle, Takes On “Marriage Ref”

Chubb Rock’s Wife Blows The Whistle, Takes On “Marriage Ref”

Rap veteran Chubb Rock‘s wife is reportedly set to invade television sets across the nation next month as a guest on an upcoming episode of NBC’s “The Marriage Ref”.

According to reports, the episode will air in early July.

Veteran rapper Chubb Rock will be featured on an upcoming episode of NBC’s hit series “The Marriage Ref”. Chubb Rock will be featured on the show with his longtime wife Diamond “KeKe” Rock during an episode that is slated to air on July 3rd. “The Marriage Ref” features real-life couples exploring and examining their real-life disputes, which are judged by a panel of “experts” comprised of top celebrities and comedians, who determine which spouse is right. (All Hip Hop)

Rock also hopped on his alleged Twitter account to speak about the show.

“Follow @MrsChubbRock on Twitter b4 July 3rd! Check The Queen do her thing NBC @ 10:00pm Next Sunday! Let’s Gooooooooooo!,” he tweeted June 23rd.

“I been gone for a minute but I’m back on da scene and in da swing of things, let me see if I can recover that pocket full of Green Again” (Chubb Rock’s Twitter)

The July 3rd episode will also reportedly feature comedian Tracy Morgan.

While Jerry Seinfeld‘s The Marriage Ref returns to the network this Sunday, June 26 with a season premiere that features Ricky Gervais and Julianne Moore, the July 3 episode may garner even more attention, since it will, in fact, feature Morgan. NBC confirmed to EW that the Morgan episode of The Marriage Ref, which also features guests Regis Philbin and Susie Essman, “is airing as scheduled.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Rock is mostly known for his impact on the rap game throughout the 1990’s.

Weighing in at 250 pounds, Chubb Rock (born Richard Simpson) often evokes images of a hip-hop Barry White (whom he dueted with on And the Winner Is…). Chubb Rock had a group while he was a teenager in New York but started his career in earnest after he dropped out of college. After three singles from his first album went nowhere, his second album, And the Winner Is…, was released to greater commercial and critical acclaim, thanks to a remixed single version of “Caught Up” that was released prior to the album. After 1991’s One and 1992’s I Gotta Get Mine Yo, Chubb Rock’s career again faltered, and five years passed prior to the release of Mind. (All Music)

Check out some footage of “The Marriage Ref” down below:

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