Christina Milian’s Bodyguard Introduces 5 Fingers To Woman’s Face, Intense Footage Surfaces [Video]

Christina Milian’s Bodyguard Introduces 5 Fingers To Woman’s Face, Intense Footage Surfaces [Video]

R&B singer Christina Milian may have some explaining to do in the very near future as footage of her alleged bodyguard attacking a rowdy female last night (March 30) has surfaced online.

According to reports, the intense incident went down following a Hollywood nightclub outing.

Christina Milian was caught in the middle of some Hollywood nightclub violence Sunday night — after a woman (wearing only a bra and shorts) went after a bodyguard protecting Christina … and the bodyguard swatted her away with an open palm to the face. We have no idea who the woman is or why she was upset — but the video’s intense. Christina was in a great mood on her way into Hooray Henry’s … but the short-tempered security guard definitely led her out in a hurry. (TMZ)

Last fall, Milian spoke to SOHH about joining the cast of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” competition.

“I can definitely say, and I’ve had people ask me, when it comes to the voting, what’s really going on? This applies to “Dancing With The Stars” and when I was on the other show, “The Voice,” they always ask how real is it and do people really put their time into it. People ask me if they’re all faking it on TV and I can tell you, “No.” This is all real. None of this stuff is scripted, none of this stuff is fake. This is all based on true personalities and everyone just being themselves. It’s all about whatever you put the time in to do and so what you’re seeing all on the TV is real.” (SOHH)

A couple years ago, Milian discussed joining forces with mega music label Young Money

“I’m going to be… Young Money!” Milian exclaimed in an interview. “Yeah, I’ve signed with Young Money. It was pretty awesome. This weekend we had a big party, a big YMCMB party, and Drake was performing and we were all up on the stage and Wayne got up there and he announced it himself. And so I was kind of surprised and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is awesome!’ … I’ve already halfway gotten there and when my mom and I went to Wayne and we played him some of the music, off the second song, he was like, ‘I love it. Let’s do this deal.’ I have some music that’s already going to be on it and the second half I’m working with them now. … When they did a little background check, they saw even the songwriting, all that kind of stuff adds on top of, alright, she’s an actress, she’s a pretty face, she can actually sing, but not to mention she’s a songwriter. I thought that was cool that they even saw that.” (97.1 AMP Radio)

The singer’s ex-husband The-Dream even congratulated her power move.

“Congrats To Christina on her New Signing. Finally your fans can get the real you.,” he tweeted February 13th. (The-Dream’s Twitter)

Check out the footage:

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