Christina Milian Survives Another Day: “I Can Be Fearless & Take Risks”

Christina Milian Survives Another Day: “I Can Be Fearless & Take Risks”

[After surviving another cutthroat elimination round this week, “Dancing With The Stars” cast member Christina Milian talks to SOHH readers about what lifestyle changes she’s made since joining the high-energy competition.]

I’m totally watching what I’m doing now that I’m on “Dancing With The Stars.”

I’m definitely watching what I’m eating now. I’ve been eating much better. I’ve been eating much cleaner. Like the foods that I’m consuming are a lot more cleaner. I’m eating more vegetables and white meat.

I haven’t been eating a lot of red meat because that gets me full and tired. It’s also hard to digest and then on top of that, I haven’t been drinking alcohol.

A lot of that stuff I would have and then wake up feeling terrible the next day. I’m not even staying up too late. I’m going to bed much earlier now because I feel if I stay up too late, I’ll have a hangover from just being up.

I think the overall thing I’ve taken away from this is that I can be fearless and I can take risks. It’s just a lesson to handle your fears and keep it moving because sometimes those things hold you back and for a long time the [producers] have always asked me about doing this show and I’ve always said no.

I realized the real reason why I didn’t want to do this was because I was so scared of doing it. The idea of being live and voted for and what it would be like if I didn’t make it, all that stuff, it’s all fear.

That’s why I decided to go and do it.

Christina Milian is a multi-talented phenomenon whose resume includes film, television, theater and music. Milian is formally known for her role as the social media correspondent for the hit NBC show “The Voice”. She was also most recently seen in the television movie “The Christmas Cupid”, CBS shows “A Gifted Man” and “CSI” and recurs as the voice of Esther on “Family Guy.” Most recently, you can find Ms. Milian on the covers of Rolling Out, Unleash’d, Denim, Hydrogen and Cielo Magazines. CHRISTINA MILIAN partners with MARK BALLAS.

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