Christina Milian Dips It Low & Out: “The Real Reason Why I Didn’t Want To Do It Was B/C I Was So Scared”

Christina Milian Dips It Low & Out: “The Real Reason Why I Didn’t Want To Do It Was B/C I Was So Scared”

[After surviving a dicey week on “Dancing With The Stars,” Young Money/Cash Money’s Christina Milian gives SOHH readers the scoop about her experience on the primetime competition show and what made her agree to join this season’s cast.]

I’m doing what I love, so that makes me happy and everything’s fantastic. Being a mom, the dancing, everything’s been fantastic. I never imagined I’d have as much fun as I’m having now.

I think the overall thing I’ve taken away from this is I can be fearless. I can take risks. This is something that I really was scared to do. It’s just a lesson that you should handle your fears and kind of keep it moving. Sometimes those things hold you back and the [producers] had previously asked me about doing the show and I’ve said no and I realized the real reason why I didn’t want to do it was because I was so scared of doing it.

It was the whole idea of being live and being voted for and what it was going to be like, it’s all fear. That’s exactly why I chose to do this. I know for me, this is a new audience watching me and there’s a new audience watching the show from me being on it. Overall, it’s been great and it’s like a slash off the bucket list. Check.

I was really the one who pushed myself to do “Dancing With The Stars.” It was really me. I had people in my manager and my team that were like, “Yes!” and I was like, “No. I’m good.” I’d say no and people who say I should do it.

It was right down the middle too. There were people saying I should and then others saying, “Oh my gosh, they’re gonna make you do something you shouldn’t.”

I’ll tell you, I said “Yes” and then I said “No” and then I said “Yes.” Yes was the final decision and it had to be made so it happened. It really was me. I asked around to a lot of people to see what they thought and then I thought about myself and what I really wanted to do.

The reason why I didn’t want to do it is what made me say, “This is exactly the reason ‘why’ I have to do it.”

Christina Milian is a multi-talented phenomenon whose resume includes film, television, theater and music. Milian is formally known for her role as the social media correspondent for the hit NBC show “The Voice”. She was also most recently seen in the television movie “The Christmas Cupid”, CBS shows “A Gifted Man” and “CSI” and recurs as the voice of Esther on “Family Guy.” Most recently, you can find Ms. Milian on the covers of Rolling Out, Unleash’d, Denim, Hydrogen and Cielo Magazines. CHRISTINA MILIAN partners with MARK BALLAS.

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