Chris Brown’s Name Makes Concert Sponsor Jump Ship: “They Want No Part Of Anything Involving CB”

Chris Brown’s Name Makes Concert Sponsor Jump Ship: “They Want No Part Of Anything Involving CB”

R&B singer Chris Brown may be making good music these days but he is still having a hard time erasing his bad guy image as a concert sponsor has yanked its support in light of him being added to an upcoming performance.

According to reports, Chris Breezy’s addition to a Canada event next month immediately made Rogers Communications fall back.

A concert event in Canada scheduled to go down next month finds itself down one sponsor after they decided to pull out of the event once Chris Brown was added to the lineup. A spokesman for Rogers Communications confirmed on Twitter last night the company was pulling its name from the show, which is scheduled to go down August 31 in Halifax. Responding to several complaints on Twitter, the spokesman wrote, “In light of today’s announcement, we’re withdrawing our sponsorship of the event.” He continued, “Rogers agreed to sponsor Energy Rush prior to Chris Brown’s choice as a performer.” No way to mistake their meaning … they want NO PART of anything involving CB. (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, Brown caught heat for his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run accident.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has charged singer Chris Brown with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license. City attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan says the charges filed Tuesday involve a minor accident on May 21 in the San Fernando Valley. If convicted, Brown would face up to one year in jail. (WKYC News)

He also recently had to step up to address rumors of being involved in a messy female assault incident.

Brown, 24, denied the accusation on Twitter, saying he “didn’t do anything” and was sick of taking hits to his reputation. “The devil is always working. If it wasn’t for my faith and my fans, I would’ve quick music along time ago,” he tweeted Monday. “I’m tired of it man….!” (New York Daily News)

Coincidentally, Brown has shown his nicer side by deciding to take down some controversial graffiti artwork around his home.

Chris Brown appears to have backed down in his ongoing dispute with his Hollywood hills neighbors and local officials by removing controversial graffiti artworks from outside his residence. The 24 year-old singer sparked complaints from nearby residents over his outdoor murals, which depict colorful monsters on the walls of his property. Back in May, he was ordered to pay a $376 fine for unpermitted and excessive signage and given 30 days to remove the mural, but Brown remained defiant and lodged an appeal arguing the graffiti is art. The board of appeals at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety was set to rule on the battle, but pictures taken on Thursday show workers scrubbing the paint off the wall. (Star Pulse)

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