Chris Brown’s Mom Sheds Tears, Reacts To Jail Situation

Chris Brown’s Mom Sheds Tears, Reacts To Jail Situation

R&B singer Chris Brown‘s mom has come forward to speak out on her son being forced to remain in jail for at least another month over a probation violation this week.

Although emotional, Joyce Hawkins admitted she had faith Chris Breezy would keep his head up while behind bars.

RumorFix spoke to Joyce exclusively after the hearing. While she was in tears, Joyce said “he’s going to be fine” when we asked if she thought her son would be OK in jail. Chris acknowledged his mother’s support by saying “I love you” as he was led out of court. (RumorFix)

Chris Breezy appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom and learned his fate Monday (March 17).

Chris Brown must stay in jail for at least a month after he was arrested for violating probation. A California judge set no bail at a court hearing today and ordered the singer to stay behind bars. As his mother sobbed, Brown, 24, who appeared in court wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, was taken away in handcuffs. (ABC News)

After being denied entry into another rehab center, Brown found out he would stay put in jail until mid-April.

Brown’s next chance to get out of jail comes on April 23 when Brandlin considers if his arrest on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington justifies keeping him locked up. There is a possibility the judge will speed up that decision so Brown can travel to D.C. for a trial on that charge. (CNN)

Over the weekend, reports claimed Breezy’s attorney hoped to have him released soon.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, will appear in court Monday, trying to convince the judge to cut Brown a break and let him either go to another rehab facility or go on house arrest pending the D.C. trial. That will be an uphill battle, given that this is the second rehab facility that booted Brown. The D.C. trial is set for April 17. Geragos has a pretty strong defense — there are problems with the prosecution’s case. (TMZ)

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