Chris Brown’s Horrific Rihanna ’09 Assault Recreated On “Law & Order: SVU” Episode

Chris Brown’s Horrific Rihanna ’09 Assault Recreated On “Law & Order: SVU” Episode

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s publicized 2009 domestic assault incident is reportedly the inspiration behind an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

According to reports, the forthcoming “Funny Valentine” features key similarities to what went down between Breezy and RiRi four years ago.

Next Wednesday’s episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” is being billed by NBC as “a familiar story of two celebrities” — and to pop fans, it seems very familiar indeed. The episode “Funny Valentine” appears extremely similar to the ongoing saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown. According to the official preview, a rising, young singer is badly beaten by her hip-hop star boyfriend, portrayed in the trailer as a 20-something African-American who tends to wear fitted hats. Authorities work to build a case, but the singer sticks by her man and refuses to aid the investigation, which turns into a “media circus.” (Billboard)

Unlike what really happened, however, the male character dies in the episode.

Rihanna may have made up with Chris Brown in real life, but that’s not the way “Law & Order: SVU” is apparently going to tell it. The NBC show, noted for its thinly disguised “ripped from the headlines” stories, plans an episode next Wednesday titled “Funny Valentine,” whose premise bears a hard-to-miss resemblance to the turbulent relationship between the two music superstars. As “Law & Order: SVU” stories often do, however, it veers off to its own ending — which, in this case, is not happy for one of the characters. The central players in “Funny Valentine” are Micha Charles, played by Tiffany Robinson, and Caleb Brown, played by Eugene Jones. (New York Daily News)

Sicne the buzz went viral, a representative from the show has said the episode is nothing more than fictional.

Officially, of course, it’s not about them. (UPDATE: A rep for the show told EW “As always, SVUis fiction.”) The promo features a popular music couple where the man is an abuser and the woman keeps going back to him. Because this is SVU, there is of course a twist: The male singer winds up getting murdered. (Entertainment Weekly)

Coincidentally, RiRi and Breezy were spotted a few days ago in Hawaii.

Rihanna and Chris Brown frolic on the beach as the pop beauty enjoys a romantic birthday with her man. The couple were immersed in deep conversation during their intimate coastal outing in Hawaii before strolling along the sand hand-in-hand. Rihanna – who turned 25 yesterday – donned a bikini but covered up in a cropped top and a netted skirt that did little to conceal her peachy derriere. Chris sported a New York Yankees T-shirt and typically wore his shorts several inches beneath his backside. Fortunately, he was also wearing underpants. The reunited lovebirds were snapped smoking dodgy looking cigarettes as they relaxed on Rihanna’s special day. (The Sun)

The episode is set to air Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC.

Check out the “Law & Order: SVU” promo:

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